I need to have my Pontiac smogged for registration.
The check engine light is on.
Can you do this?
Open Sunday?

I had a broke 4wd switch and replaced and now i still can not get the auto 4wd or 4 hi or 4 lo to ingage, any ideas or thoughts would be very appreciated

When the vehicle is unlocked, the mirror continually folds out instead of tilting to the proper position. In reverse, the mirror assembly constantly, repetitively, and slowly "clicks" to the curb side view. The same will occur when the vehicle is placed in drive and when the mirror attempts to return to its original position.

They just locked up on me

Twice my fuel gauge has rotated past Full. Today I went to a GM service dept with the gauge reading at 5pm when it should have been about 3/4 full. They did a diagnostic and advise the cluster of gauges had a problem. When I got back in my truck the gauge now read 3/4. I stopped and filled the tank and it is now reading full as it should. Service manager advised to drive it and see if it fails again and if it does we all know it is going to cost $513 to replace the cluster with a re-manufactured cluster with a short warranty and labor, all costs $513. I don't understand how hooking up the test equipment could reset the or have the gauge show the right fuel level. I love my truck and plan on keeping it for another 5-10 years as I only put on 5k miles a year and the truck has 60,000 miles now. Should I wait to see if it fails again or go ahead and get it replaced for $513.00. Confused on why the gauge changed by them testing the computer. thanks, JJ.

Gas Guage worked fine and was always accurate until I changed the fuel pump out and now it isn't working at all

My truck starts just fine it will shake a decent amount while in neutral, when it shifts gears(automatic transmission) it will shift really bad like it doesn't want to almost like its slipping, when changing from drive to reverse as well it will start shaking more i think due to the lower speeds. No other obvious things to look at though.

Smelt like it overheated or something burned out. Then i noticed the PRND12 went dim. Then all the dash lights went completely out. Had a weird feel to the rest of the way home. I knw oil may be a bit low and i need a oil change too.

When I turn on security system my light doesn't blink anymore is there a fuse for this

friends car started with a ticking/knocking sound, smells a little like burnt oil but has oil in it. also will shake een idling. Almost sounds like sucking air sound too. And yes we are both women....

theres no power feed to the fuel pump

Replaced the master cylinder thinkin that was it and the brake light went off but the abs wont...abs control module maybe?

Truck won't idle. Stop sign have to have foot on gas & brake.

Could it be the thermostat

it runs rough when idling, but runs great when I get going and going down highway. starts great. check engine light keeps coming on. I replaced injectors. replace mass emissions sensor. new fuel pump. new spark plugs and wires. still does it. 2 shops can't figure it out. any ideas. I have spent over 4k on this.

I have an annoying lower dash rattle, I believe its coming from the panel below the steering wheel Is this easy to take off?

Car has ran fine until now. I dont know if its a bad fuel pump or electronic module? Any help?

I am asking because I have to remove my transmission to replace my rear main seal for my oil.

Truck was stolen when i got it back they never had the key that went with it so I had to replace the steering column with new key. Cuz they ripped the old one out trying to start it . now i get no fuel at all when i turn it on....

Car runs good till about 60 to 70 mph Speed odometer jumps from 10 to 15 mph and engine kind of stutters but RPM remain steady This is when brake system check and emerg. brake light flash on & off

The passenger side hinge is stuck and the tailgate window won't open. Thanks in advance.

How do I get to the hinge???

Wiring harness

Wiring harness needed

Also the interior lights have a mind of there own. Sometimes they work sometimes not. sometimes I lock the car and walk away and the radio will still be playing. that will go out after a few min. once the head lights went out at night. I restart the car and it was ok. My wife and I are poor and need this car for my wifes Doctor appointments. Any advice would be helpful. thank you.

True key to start potion 4x4 lights come on then imedetle turn off

Can jump the negative wire and compressor starts. But can't leave the jump as it would drain power when off..
I've heard there has been problems with wiring harness corroding and wires breaking. Do I need whole harness replaced? CPU?

4 wheel shifter won't work. Truck ran out of gas while idling. Truck acted like battery was dead. Put fuel in jumped truck now electrical 4 wheel shifter will not work it is stuck in auto 4 wheel selection spot

plug and seen oil on #6 pulled #3 no oil #1 had oil. Cant tell if its the tubes or gaskets, can anyone help?

why is my safari carriage so squeaky? not the pop associated with ball joints just eee eee eee sqeaky! and there is a smooth bounce to it when on the road..could both be from shocks