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Please help

Should I bite the bullet and R&R for $3500 or diagnose for possible trans cooling line obstructions??

Engine oil flowing out up around radiator steering box area. More when running. Then dumps when shut off engine . Then stops dripping out

Black screen no display

I can't get to the fuse box because the rear driver swat is locked in place

Would replacing the module be a straight forward fix?

The entire back of my vehicle had stopped functioning. I replaced the regulator on the window a couple yrs ago, and it looks like it's out again, but this time the back door/gate won't open either... Every where I've read shows they know there's a problem, so I was wondering if they issued a recall on them or not?

need help regarding my truck. Last night I turned the key off, and instantly went to start it back up and the starter wouldn't turn.

I've changed starters in this truck before, so last night I put in the new starter and same problem. I left the truck over night. 1992 GMC 5.7 350 automatic transmission.

so today I went back and really went through things. My first thought was maybe i had seized my engine. So i decided to check the flywheel and crank pulley to verify they'd move by hand, they did. (Did a full turn on the pulley) I ended up buying a third starter and verifying my wiring was correct.

What is happening is my starter is engaging the flywheel but not spinning. After releasing the key the starter stays engaged, until I turn the crank pulley, I can hear it click back into the solenoid.

I'm feeling like perhaps this is an electrical issue(Not enough juice at starter) today I did hook up starter number one and two to the battery but not connected to the flywheel and the starter engaged and spun just fine. Makes me think it never was my starter.

I know I need to take a voltage meter and do some readings but I'm also curious is there a starter relay? I can't seem to find information about this online.

thanks in advance

i am losing coolant between valve cover and top of engine it pools up and runs down front of engine it is on the driver side wind blows it back onto transmission where the lower intake manifold is i see no coolant. i have been told that where the leak is?

I have a Yukon hybrid, I was driving and I noticed it wouldn't go into electric mode when at a stop light, all of a sudden in the middle of driving, it jerked forward and stalled. check engine light came on and onstar stated that there was a problem with the electric propulsion system. took it to GMC dealer and they cant figure out what is wrong with it. Thank you in advance.

Truck died out on my buddy's truck he thought it was because of the distributor changed it out but did not mark it or anything and just dropped it in however it fell timing was obviously off so I set engine on tdc and fixed distributor pointed it to #1 cylinder now truck starts but runs super rough/rich with codes p0108 p0101 and of course p1345 ccannot seem to figure out why? Help!

Checked plug with power probe no power at passenger low beam plug . Relay seams to be working I get power to the high beam plug when the high beams are turned on but nothing when there off

All my fuses good

Died while driving about 40 mph. First thought was it ran out of fuel. Getting fuel and fire but making a popping sounds out the exhaust.

we want to put a rear window airconditioner in. how do we remove the window safely

i need 2 find a cluster with more mph, mine only says 85 mph and its old.

my mechanic said it not fuel pump

I took my yukon to have it smogged and it passed but did not pass the visual due to missing air injection pump, took it to have it fixed and was told it does not require one, that only some models do

I've had this knocking sound on the underside of my van for a long time. I took it to Les Schwab Tires & Brake. They couldn't pinpoint the noise, but they thought it was something else causing the noise to the tune of around $800. Paying that amount didn't cure the problem. The same noise is not too soft nor too loud, just in between. My van still drives okay. Once in awhile I hear a clunk noise when shifting from Park to "D".

coolant leaking on floorboard. Also, the blower barely blows so I was gonna replace the blower motor as well. But does replacing the heater core have anything to do with the A/C? Thanks!

i brought the engine

My gas gauge is always on empty . Even when my tank is filled . I fill my tank use a trip meter because the gauge doesn't work .

Only when driving , not when I am stationary.

It runs at a high idle at all time never goes below a grand and a half I need to adjust it to where it is at or below a grand

its under the dashboard on driver side and also hooked up to the security system?

I have a 2017 GMC elevation series truck and I would like to add radio controls to the steering wheel. Would buying a new steering wheel work?

When it's started the light battery light goes off and when I turn my truck off the battery light stays on

I replaced the battery and started my GMC van, started right up, sounded good. I had a broken line on my brakes so I disconnected the battery and had the vehicle towed to the shop. When they reconnected the battery it was extremely difficult to start and barely ran at all. What happened?

I filled up my gas tank too full I usually only keep it a quarter.
The next day it would not start replaced fuel pump fuel filter plugs wires distributor and module started up ok but when I put it in gear engine shakes rattles low-power stalls out

Starter, battery, and alternator tests good but engine cranks slow or just clicks several times then then may start slow or have to jump. Battery takes a charge but only lasts a day or so. Cables at battery and starter are clean