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wiper transmission came apart while using wipers .told manufacture no longer in business. gmc uses another brand and have to replace all of it . dealer wants $675.00 which seems insane
driver side assembly came apart while using .Told company whom made the parts no longer in business and they changed the design with the new aftermarket replacement. dealer wants $675 to replace the hole works
I want to make a back up file to use it in case I needed to change the ECU later on. I have the Tech 2 scanner/programmer.
Seems the last owner installed two 2 inch tubes running to two mufflers in the rear. WHAT IS THE ORIGINAL EXHAUST TUBE SIZE and MUFFLER configuration ? restriction exhaust issue ?
its been making this horrible popping for about 3 weeks and getting worse, what is it and how much to fix?
will not accelerate when you push pedal down all the way
Won't start if left off for more than two days. Once started, starts again first time every time within 2 days. Then won't start unless jumped and gas pumped repeatedly. Battery always checks out good. Dealer says no ...
The cap has a lanyard that is attached to the inside of the fuel tank door opening. Trying to find a way to remove it, so I can install a new cap.
Truck died rollin down the rd. Turned ignition off and when turned back on didn't hear the fuel pump kick on before turning over as I usually do...replaced fuel power. Figured it must be the fuel pump sendin...
My battery was recently changed. Never had problem with air. Now My air conditioning blows cool air in back on feet and defroster but not face. I tried taking battery off to reset. Can you please help me not sure what...
This vehicle has a 6 liter engine & 4 spd. auto trans., has 164,000 mi. on it. I purchased it with 75,000 from a dealer. Since that time I have had to replace the flywheel 3 times and it needs it again. The last time ...
Can you advise what might be causing this issue (relay)
happened after my friend pumped gas and didn't tighten cap. or could it be fuel filter
van will crank, run on ether, no power to fuel pump relay coil circuit,security light not flashing, fuel pump works
Brake system bleeding,is it right rear, left rear then right front,then left front last?
the tail gate window open,the tail gate door won't open went i push botton on the door.please help.
the ac is blowing hot air it seem like the compressor is not turning on
the 30 amp fuse controls the driver seat and both passenger windows and seat. when i replace the fuse it blows out after 5 minutes. the fuse also controls the heated seat on the driver side
when brake lite on dash comes on transmission will not shift if and when lite on dash goes off transmission shifts fine.brake booster seems to be leaking.
Turn lights on no power stepping on gas take them off van drives nomal
If I shut it off and re-start it. The light will stay off until I start it again. Brake performance is still perfect