I love my Vandura 2500 I bought from a one owner. The power steering unit is leaking like crazy, use a qt a day and not going much of anywhere. Will be traveling to MO and FL soon. Need to know what unit it is. Is a gas fuel.

Will the other 3 bolts hold that cause the one bolt snapped flush so there's no way of getting it out I doubt. And I didn't realize it was gonna b so easy to break and now I'm concerned if I just put it back together the other 3 bolts might not seal and hold the pressure when I'm driving. Has this happened to anyone b4 and can u help with suggestions?

This light just came on. I keep my vehicle upkeep right on schedule. Does this mean I need new brakes, rotar. Also, IS IT SAFE TO DRIVE?

The coils aren't firing at all, everything else working including fuel pump, replaced crank sensor, and cam sensor too. Lost. No codes coming up, all grounds checked

I need to replace the rubber push button on the rear lift gate that opens the window only. need to see the procedure for doing this don't want to take to body shop

Problem randomly happened at 50 mph and my trans just stopped working. Rpm rev high then truck slowed down. Won't even go into reverse. Tried diagnostic it looks like it could be a solenoid but not sure.

on star cant diagnose the problem since radio doesn't turn on . already tried shutting car roff locking doors wait 4 min go back in car turn it on still no radio or on star booth green and red on star buttons not working

steering feels very loose

When shutting off engine, dash gauges go down as I would expect. 5 sec later they go back up. Something is not shutting off.

when driving my anti theft light comes on and shuts off all my gauges of but the battery gauge and turns off the ac it still blows air and drives fine what could be causing this???

Replaced torque converter last week everything good til I put it in reverse then instantly the motor shuts off.

Trucks starts cold fine then dies out. Pulls crankshaft sensor code change and no change

The problem occurs always

I have looked online and haven't found anything to help me. I have tried putting a screwdriver in and pulling, I have tried sliding it out. Nothing. I can't stand driving without my mirror.

I can remove it but where do I take it for repairs

Oil looks like brown mud and truck has no pressure

clicking noise from under dash. could be a actuator in heat a/c system. can I fix this?

A ticking noise when starting up

I changed fuel pump because it stopped working. installed new style ac delco pump assembly. fuel gauge worked just fine before that. new connector and wire splicing is correct. truck engine is running not a good gauge reading

do you have to pull axel

When I step on the gas the air flow out of the ac vents are reduced to almost nothing and it comes out defroster vents top of dash

I'm trying to change my plug wires and want to make sure they are put on correctly.

makes the wierd noise. doesnt happen when im turning right, but when im turning left or going straight you can hear the noise and when accelerating, it feels like the wheels are about to come off

Have checked fuel pressure from Schrader valve next to fire wall have good pressure just don't know what else it could be

I never know what to tell the people at kwik car.

The locks are randomly locking and unlocking while I am driving. Is this just a glitch?

The engine light is always on. We were told that our gas cap needed to be replaced. We did that, and the light went off for a while, but came back on. Mechanics have hooked it up to the conputer, and still cannot figure out the problem.

The backseat speakers have a sound coming out if them that sounds like an airplane picking up speed to fly. It only happens sometimes. If I smack it, it stops making the noise and the music comes out clear.

The 2 AC vents on the driver side blow heat out, even when the AC is on. So I shut the vents to those 2, and use the passenger side vents to keep myself cool. In the winter, all of the vents work correctly to blow out heat.

Why does my steering wheel not stay straight when I'm driving? I constantly have to hold it tight or it goes to the right easily.