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Looks like I have the same issue as many others...electrical. My battery keeps getting drained by something. No one can figure out. I will get off a 13 hr shift, car starts up fine. Drive to market, shop, car star...
Won't lock from the inside or the keyless
This is causing blower motor to short out. How can this be resolved??
The temp. control actuator defaults to cold and stays there. This is true in automatic mode, using rear A/C controls, or using fwd overhead controls. I have swapped it with the mode control actuator and the problem do...
I'm trying to remove the transmission fluid pan to replace the transmission filter. After draining most of the fluid and removing all the bolts, I thought it would as simple as dropping it and sliding it sideways, but...
Fuel milage has decreased significantly due to such.
Just stopped opening one day. Took it to the dealership and had disagnostic test done- showed nothing was wrong. Fuses were checked with no issues. The dealership said they would replace the entire back door locks f...
What do I need to fix for the lights to work on the steering wheel for the Audio, volume, source, seek buttons?
A dashboard warning light that resembles a truck & padlock just came on. We are not certain what this means since our truck did not come with the owner's manual. Anyone have any insight?
I bought this used with no navigation disc. I got a navigation disc but when i put it in it won't read the disc. Everything else works fine.
46000 rear end went bad had to replace, never towed anything , what went wrong
The temp gauge is reading between 150 and 200 while driving. It normally is between 100 and 150. Do I need to have this checked?
when i put it in drive a grinding noise comes from front gear box
Today while driving down the freeway my Navigation/Stereo (stock Bose system) went dead. I brought it to the dealership and they confirmed it wasn't the fuse. The GMC dealership apparently doesn't fix stereos, they w...
I did notice that my heat took a long time to kick on during the winter time