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the 30 amp fuse controls the driver seat and both passenger windows and seat. when i replace the fuse it blows out after 5 minutes. the fuse also controls the heated seat on the driver side
radio indicator will not light up. The service man at FH Dailey informed me I need a new radio. Please verify that it is ture.
It always works at first but then stops once it gets warm.
Terrible shaking when brakes are applied. Front left caliper and rotor replaced. Both back rotors replaced, but not pads. Still shaking. If pads in back are replaced will this stop the shaking?
I plugged in a computer charger, worked briefly but then stopped... Other sockets in dash and back work fine. How to fix?
When I'm driving the brake start locking up and the steering wheel pushes me into on going traffic. What could this be
what will it Cost for a. drive line service b. replace trans cooler line c. replace oil cooler lines d. replace idler and pitman
the sound from the stereo quit working two weeks ago. now i'vee had a dead battery twice this week. first thought it was a bad stereo amp, now not so sure. maybe the bcm is bad? where is it located and how do i test it?
the reading said Evap flow non-purge condition: EMC has detected pressure in the EVAP system during non-purge condition
had code checked and it said gas recurculation flow insufficient does anyone had this problem