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I have a 6.0 liter engine and was getting 6-12 mpg in town and 14-28mpg highway. My fuel pump was just replaced and I am now reading 18-27 mpg in town and 6-7 mpg highway. Idle is high and car self propels. I can d...
when i push the gas pedal my denali starts to make a really loud noise not grinding or clunking but more like a hmmm its only heard inside, the service ride control light is on and there where larger tires on it at on...
what are the cost to have this repaired?
When hitting the switch the lights dim slightly,all other windows work fine
Does anyone know if this can be repaired or replaced?
I've replaced Vavle cover and I'm worried about a Rear main seal leak vs Oil Pan Gasket vs. Crankpressure vs. Timing Cover issue. Any advice on how to investigate and fix this in a cost effective manner would be gr...
The speedometer or other instrument panel gauge may begin to work erratically at times
Constant dinging but it's not on.
rear heater stays on hot when I change it to cold