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A week ago my denali stopped going into park. It just stayed in reverse. The lever would go all the way up, but the dashboard light stayed at reverse. This morning i went to start my car (by putting it in neutral sinc...
4wd makes a bad noise in 4wd gm says theres a recall on other vins but not mine but i have the same problem what do i need to do
I have a 2000 GMC Yukon Denali, the radio comes on with no sound, door locks only work with remote, back hatch dont work, All this quit working at the same time, HELP
Start issues also ruff idoling at a light had fuel pump check got good pressure fuel guage sapiens around when starting oil pressure guage reads Fine when drops after driving 20 miles when I Drive not good power on ta...
It has 200,000 k. Are there any other issues i need to be concerned with.
i changed my transmission! 1st problem motor wouldnt start unless i went to starter. seems the small wire no longer worked. i figured we pinched it. so we ran another wire to crank fuse.it only had power when startin...
my car started making a loud noise underneath my truck an was told it was my transfer case need help fast part is too high
Driving down the street when my Denali's back wheels locked up made me swerved to on coming traffic and vehicle wont go forward or backwords. The back wheels are completely locked.
Has been checked to see if something is draining battery. nothing found. Replaced battery a couple times. Happens more in cold weather but still happens if I don't drive the car for a day.
I have gotten estimates from 600. to 1000. I undersand the part runs anywhere from 50.-100. and the labor is the issue due to engine and or transmission being seperated.
i have changed ac relay and you can unplug replay and p;ug back up it blows ice cold about 20 seconds then changes to warmer not hot just like fan blowing not air.
Every time i start my car the engine it makes a tapping noise. Its not the piston.Its my lifter.how do I replace?