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It only lights up for a short time if you tap on the dash board.Do you know which fuse to change or is it a short?
When I purchased my 2007 GMC Yukon the passenger power seat would adjust back and forth; however, it would not adjust up and down. Thank you.
I replaced the starter already. It's not the battery or alternates. It's not turning over.
My harness passenger side underneath the battery area, shorted out, caused a fire, by igniting the plastic wheel well. The slow burning fire lasted an hour before someone noticed and called the fire department, who ex...
We need to know if there is a recall with this and how do we fix it
I does it every time I open the drivers door, I am not using the keypad to open the rear hatch. It just does it on its own. Please help!
im guessing its the oxygen sensor but would like to be 100 percent sure
check engin light is on & from time to time the tighten gas cap message comes on