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Two weeks ago the DVD player mounted to the headliner quit working. Today my master control for the defrost, front driver and passenger heater isn't working. It works but the heater isn't blowing. And when I purchased...
All other volumes work fine, it's just volume 4 and 5 that don't work on my air conditioner in my 2005 Yukon.
Hello , My 2005 Gmc yukon will not start at first try . It does not make any sound or struggle of turning on. After many attempts it will start . This happens at random times but seems to happened in the morning the m...
when you hit the brake it stop and then let go and then start to stop again
if the transfer case motor position sensor or the selector switch is bad does the entire transfer case have to be replaced or can just the sensor or selector switch be replaced without changing out the whole unit?
Replaced old cylinder head as well. The engine coolant hot message comes on after about 20-25 minutes.
I am trying to determine what is required. My truck has had all timely oil changes etc. Does it need new front/rear differential? Transfer case? fluid flushing? what is exactly needed
been to several mechanics and the dealer. only happens when engine is warm, then is misfires, lurches.. like timing maybe off? Spark plugs misfiring? help
Hello, When I turn on my headlights my rear right brake lights does not light up when running. It only lights up when the brakes are applied. The reverse light does not work at all. I have changed out the light bulbs ...
Hello maybe someone can be of help... I have a 2005 GMC Yukon and when i turned on the car today the break light on the interior console stayed on as well as an exclamation point and the letter (P)lit up above it. Whe...
I have a 2005 Yukon. Yesterday, I lost all the dashboard lights. no radio lights, no temperture lights, no P N R D 2 3 lights either? Is this a fuse problem or something else?