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raw fuel smell coming from driver's side rear whell well area. No signs of wet fuel no trouble codes.
Please dont tell me its in the tank
I replaced thekey switch on my Yukon now it starts and dies I need to know how to reset the anti theft system
the problem occurs every three for four weeks when the coolant is all gone. i been hearing it due to the bad head gasket and The water jackets leak into the cylinders and the coolant expelled out the tailpipe
I ordered my fuel pump offline for a low price and I replaced my fuel pump on my 2004 Yukon and now the fuel gauge isn't reading.Thought the fuel pump was bad so I replaced it 2 more times, had it put on the machine a...
We have replaced the compressor 3 times and the clutch n pulley keep breaking??? I have a certified mechanic working on it and he is baffled. Help!!! we have blown out all the lines and such and it last a week or so t...
It has been checked. (1st) they thought it was the unit. Ordered a new one, replaced it, still did the same thing. (2) replaced speakers, still goes in and out. (3) amplifier checks out okay. It appears when it i...
When I drive my truck the gears starts off shifting to 1 rpm then 2nd but when it gets into 3rd gear it doesn't shift back down to 2nd gear it stays in 3rd gear wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour.
When I'm driving the truck the shifting starts off at 1 rpm then shift to 2 rpm after it shifts to 3 rpm it doesn't want to shifs back down it gets stuck it wouldn't go over 30 miles per hour.
Leaking fluid. Temp reaches 260. Then a warning message comes up saying the engine coolant is running hot. Scared it is a water pump issue.
i check gas cap when i put on ob2 cp on it tell me it is a low switch what does that mean
Parking break is released. Warning light still showing on dash. When in motion light blinks, along with a dinging sound. When not in motion it stops..I tried many times applying break then releasing it. Ive looked und...
putting new brake lines on my 2004 Yukon with traction control. Six ports coming out of brake modulator can someone tell me what lines go to what ports or where I can find a diagram Thanks