It just started one day truck was running great and then it felt like I was running out of gas and had to be towed home the check engine light went off once and drove good again and the it started up.but when push gas it sputtered and back fired

I have replace the plug wires the timing cover gasket the front seal the rear seal two coolant lines that were leaking on the number 3 plug on the right side of the motor causing it to fall out replaced at it's ran fine but it's been a week to the day and I have no oil in my truck already

Im trying to replace the radio (6 cd changer, bose, xm hookup) but when i took it out the panel, powercord seems to not be removable from the radio and feeds into the car. Does anyone know how to replace this type of radio? all the other online forums say it supposed to just come out

now I get a service 4wd message. tryed a switch and shift motor.Also blowing 4wd fuse somtimes.I can hear/ see my old motor move or try to. New motor does nothing, light blinks on old and new switch. Could it be the switch in front diff since I just changed it?

Possible grounding issues

could it be a sensor problem?

but wile crank back when fule is added what is making this happen and what do I need to do to fix it

I have replaced the a/c blend door actuator and it still has the problem with not air through the front vents. Any other ideas?

battery is good

started out flashing then went out totally

I have a 5.3 that has a ticking noise on cold start.Goes away shortly.All else is great no oil usage etc.