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but wile crank back when fule is added what is making this happen and what do I need to do to fix it
I have replaced the a/c blend door actuator and it still has the problem with not air through the front vents. Any other ideas?
started out flashing then went out totally
I have a 5.3 that has a ticking noise on cold start.Goes away shortly.All else is great no oil usage etc.
Somehow it changed from Fahrenheit to Celsius and I can't figure out how to turn it back. Also, my steering wheel buttons aren't hooked up to my stereo system. I bought the car used and it has a Bose touch screen syst...
but the ignition. Someone suggested that my key might be worn, try a new key. I did use the 2nd key for a week or so it worked great. Now it is doing the same thing again.
I had the front 4 wheel drive module replaced with a rebuilt one, but when I put it in all wheel drive, it changes to 4 wheel drive after I turn off the ignition, and then back on again. The shop that installed it ca...
i have already replaced both rear flapper door actuators and controle module and rear heat/air will only change temp when control is set to the floor
I replaced the ABS Module and that's when the T/C light came on and want go off. I took it back to the shop who did the work and he came up with codes P1571, P1689 and he said that it has something to do with my trans...
beeps about 12 times then the abs light stays on.
Is there sensor that needs replacing..also speedo doesn't work.