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I have chdcksd all the fuses i can find. It dont make any type of noise or motion whatsoever. Its a 01 yukon slt
It doesnt do it in any other gear or any other time. Put vehicle in reverse wait a split second and it clunks.
When am driving this just started that security light, low fuel , and service 4wd comes on when am driving I just got a new engine put in????
I have 171,174 codes. No vacuum leaks found.Fuel filter replaced. MAF seems to be working properly and has been cleaned with no change apparent. TPS reading good. Big time bog when you give it gas. Picks up pretty goo...
Shouldn't that be too much if it is a lean condition? And also, in the "HOw do I know if it's a MAF sensor problem?" section, you say to do the "truth test" with the engine idling. My scanner does not give baro, but k...
Car run good problem just stated to happen all of a sudden was told cold be censor
I push the button but it doesn't seem to shut off. It just started doing this. Is it a faulty switch in the shifter?
my heater is stuck in full heat mode & Will reset after vehicle is turned off
I hear a whinning noise as I drive. Steering is out. When the wheel is turned it knocks.
After starting the vehicle and it is running both teh "ABS" light and the "Brake" lights on the dash display remain on. Is this a indication of a pending problem?
There is noise coming from the left rear axle. There is some play when the hub is pulled on. The problem might be where the axle joins the differential. How is the axle removed? Thanks very much, Jim.