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glass on my driver side mirror broke. How do I replace it?
why check engine light on
my cruise control works on and off when it wants too, what do i do?
1999 GMC yukon , fail pollution inspection ( service engine soon light on ) Test results all passed except MIL CMD DTC4 , Po420 catalyst sys efficiency below theshold ( Bank 1 ) Is there a indicator for why my vehicle...
GMC Yukon 350 Yukon SLT 4wd 1999 Service 4wd light goes on. I ignore for a few weeks. Then today red light on NEUTRAL on 4wd switch comes on & Service 4wd light goes out. Now I have no 4wd. What happened? Big qu...
how to change brake rotor
which way to loosen the homonica to pull out the fan
which way to loosen pully to pull out water pump
how to pull out the water pump
my front left (drivers side )brake keeps locking up.i've changed the caliper twice and it hasn't helped.it started after i had my main brake line replaced on the front.does anyone have a clue as to what may be causing...
I have replaced the timing chain,cap,rotor,plugs.plug wires,coil,had ecm checked,new fuel filter. reads multi engine misfire
second time i've change the bulb in one year,the bottom of the bulb seems to melt & caues the bulb not to light up
The engine cranks over, the engine will start and within one second the engine dies. This occurs once every other month. Took it to dealer for a major tune up and it still happens. Fuel pump is working and has enou...
Ok I have seperate battery tray. Can I just hook 2nd battery Neg to Neg and then positive to???? Do I have to buy these "kits"? They aint cheap. I have a 5.7L Vortec V8 350 4wd Yukon SLT 1999. The current batte...
Current gap is .065. Called for .060. What is "too much" or "too little" gap amount? I plan on replacing, but do I need to w/ this gap?