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fuses are fine, horn and wiring under hood are good, whats wrong?
I've changed my fuel pump n my 96' GMC YUKON and when I brake my gas hand goes down and when I accelerate the gas hand goes up. No matter up or down hill. Why is that?
Its gotten pretty dirty under there due to the leak when traveling and i think it might be affecting my starter because it wont start up correctly when turning the key it sounds like its going to start but then makes ...
Both front and rear speakers on driver's side will not work at all...How can I find out why without having to take the whole dash off? Please any help will be very much apperciated. Thanks, Bronda
repair oil leak in the oil cooling housing
my oil gauge keeps jumping back and forth sometimes stays on 0 and then the check gauge light comes on when you hit the gas the check gauge light goes off.
how much will it cost to replace the flywheel
just started happening i have changes the spark pllugs, wires, and ignition coil engine is sputtering and misfiring
i have a 1996 gmc yukon and its been giving me he**. First it started with the rockers was knocking got that repaired, changed spark plus and wire oil fliter and radiator fluid all repaired, ha that was the beginning,...
how do i replace my washer resevior on a 1996 gmc yukon
engine turns over but , no spark, no obd2 reading
Ive gotta blown gasket and i put gasket cement in it while it was running.. did i totally mess my engine up,, because it wont even start now.
the correct measurement on both tie rod ends