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After it act like its run out of gas flip key on and off 2 or 3 times, starts and takes off
I can’t tell if its engine oil or transmission fluid. I checked both but there doesn’t seem to be any coolant in either of those. This is a 2002 gmc Sonoma 4.3L V6 crew cab. I dont want to go tearing it appart and rep...
With engine off have some pedal. Start engine and pedal goes to floor. Replaced vacuum booster and master cylinder(rebuild). Bench bled master cylinder and all 4 wheels to no avail. Truck is V-6 4-wd with 4-wheel...
it sounds like a roaring sound thru the revolution while im driving.it starts making the roaring sound and sounds like something loud sounds like the brakes are stuck or something but I put all new brakes roters calip...
I changed the driver side wheel bearing but coming to find out its the passenger hub assembly!!!its 4x4 wanting to kno if the hub assembly inter changeable !!!
the light on the 2hi lights up but when I want to sitch it to 4x4 when I push 4hi or 4lo it wont change nor will it engagw
change the brake,checked the fluid its full,check the emergency brake it works and its not to tight or to loose
Both my turn signal lights on my dash are on, outside the truck the rear blinks fine but in the front both signals are on. Checked all fuses and wiggled a few wires under the hood but cant fins decent wiring Dirgam he...
The leak is at the rear/facing towards the rear of the undercarriage of the cover plate probably for the waterpump Any thoughts what my problem may be ? Thank you Ken Boswell
Trying to drive, I fave the gas pedal almost to the floor. This just started yesterday. No prior issues
th to get the fuel pressure where it needed to be I changed fpr and it's doing the same thing but worse I changed my fuel filter as well I'm getting fuel but now I'm stumped any ideas
I've checked fuses and replaced the headlight switch. Any other suggestions as to what to do?
What is going on with rear differentials in gmc products. Is any covered by drivetrain warranty