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It turns over but doesn't start

It just stopped running and now won't turn over

fix or service A/C .Will not cool,

Mph goes. Crazy rpm too. Lights flicker sounds like not picking up speed

I ordered the pump for the smaller engine and would like to know if it will work

while starting from a stop between 15 and 20 m/h I feel a jerking and when driving between 30 and 60 no problem. When slowing down to a stop if feel like it wants to stall. Replaced the torque converter clutch solenoids, and filter.

People say it mihht be mass air flow sensor

I stopped at a stop sign and the clutch went to the floor, I figured it was fluid. So I filled it up and pumped it till got harder! I asked my wife of she was ready and I went to take off.. And the truck wouldn't move! It goes into every gear but when I let off the clutch.. Nothing! It won't move! Before I go spending all this money on shit I probably don't need..I really need just a little help on what it could be.. Or preferably what it is!! Please help me!

Hestation rough idle for 5 to 10 seconds. Eventally check engine says o2 are reporting a Lean condition. Replaced pump and regulater. Smoked the intake with no leaks found fuel pressure at idle is 52lbs. Swapped out a maf sensed from junkyard still same thing. Replaced both up stream 02's still no change. Driving me crazy. Lol

Replaced the starter in my truck after it wouldn't start, but now the transmission is not shifting properly. When I started the truck, it was automatically in reverse, but not sure if shifter was in park or neutral. Gears appear to be off by one position?

Heard a small bang or crack when putting truck in reverse and then reverse was gone and now 1st gear takes too long and uses too many rpm's before switching itself into 2nd gear (truck is automatic), but otherwise truck drives fine so far. Incident occurred yesterday, minimal use of vehicle since.

When you turn off the wipers they stay in an up position how do I get them to stay on a down position

The battery light comes on for a few seconds then goes out then comes on then goes out. It just keeps doing it.

won't even try to turn over, if battery gets fully charged and key in on position for about 5 minutes then will start but only will run for a day or two

I changed fuel pump because it stopped working. installed new style ac delco pump assembly. fuel gauge worked just fine before that. new connector and wire splicing is correct. truck engine is running not a good gauge reading

Have checked fuel pressure from Schrader valve next to fire wall have good pressure just don't know what else it could be

the actuator snapped in two inside the steering column

The engine still runs but nothing else electrical works, everything shuts down. Everything. If I accelerate at less than 2800-3000 no problems.
First gear shifts hard when cold.
Sometimes engine turns hard (like early timing) sometimes turns fine and won't start, but stop cranking and then start cranking again it fires right up and runs fine. Any clues to these exciting challenges anyone?

I hear this crackling sound almost like a rustling sound coming from the dash close to the engine. When I slow down it stops when I get back up to speeds of 35 mph and higher it kicks back on what could that be?

Also for sometime now locks go crazy....she is 70 and don't need to get stranded..... will this cause truck to die....I thank you

Will a power steering pump from a 89 Chevy Silverado work in my 96 GMC Sonoma

I went to the store yesterday I turned off the truck and when I left the store to get back in the truck the truck was dead but I could hear a humming sound coming from the engine

Injecting too much fuel into the cylinders. Injectors are new, pressure regulator is new. Plugs are new.????

Truck is idleing way too high. Ive been told it's the motherboard. Where is it located so I can fix this issue. Everything else has been done to fix the issue. How can I get this repaired?

My truck will switch to 4hi when driving it down the road and turning the corner making it hard to turn

On 2002 4 door Sonoma . And where is the fuse for transmission

After running out of gas I added a few gallons and it didn't start. I then added a few more gallons and, it still doesn't start.

Smell of gas is strong coming from inside (driver door) I smell it from outside too. 6 months ago is when I first noticed. However, three months ago it passed inspection . Machanic says it's ok . Yet I'm not convinced.

We changed the intake gasket the rotor cap changed the plugs. There's no water in the oil and it does not smoke