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happened after my friend pumped gas and didn't tighten cap. or could it be fuel filter
My truck is a 98 GMC Sonoma and last night I was turning into a parking lot when the knock started, its been getting progressively worse and now just 15 miles later its horrible. I was curious if i could get someone w...
start missing at operating temp at idol. clean egr rebuilt engine new torque converter,new tran,new distributor,new coil,ignition module,this was befor the misfire hhhhhhelp pSI do not like to process of elimination ...
Dash lights won't come on it's not the starter or the computer everything is new under the hood. What could it be. Could it be a fuse?
i added coolant in the radiator and the reservoir. My oil is low. it starts ok but when i start it starts smoking. i am wondering what do i have to do.
Would revving too high cause this timing chain to jump?
died while on the freeway wouldn't start back up again just turns over
replaced brake lines and have no pressure to rear brakes
I have changed the o2 sensor and the tps that was acting up but I still get the code on longer trips. I have clean the throttle body with spray and don't believe there is a MAF sensor on this motor. The truck runs gre...
it does not appear to have a pin like the clutch master cylinder