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Have checked fuel pressure from Schrader valve next to fire wall have good pressure just don't know what else it could be

Injecting too much fuel into the cylinders. Injectors are new, pressure regulator is new. Plugs are new.????

new plugs,wires,coils,crank sensor,fuel lights in dash no battery voltage at coil pack no spark at plugs.when it quit it was just like shuting the key off

Hi my 1997 GMC sonoma has been giving me problems. I was driving one day and then the engine shut off completley. The battery however was working fine and all lights were turning on. I got it towed home and used some Carb spray and it started so I assumed it was the fuel pump however the next day I decided to test it to see if it turned on and it did. I was able to drive it a few miles and it worked fine. Later that day the same thing happened it wouldn't start. I wanted to know what might be wrong with my truck and how I can get it fixed. Thank you for taking the time to read this about my problem I am having.

OnBrakeWill Not GoDown AndThe BrakePedal HasTo Go AllThe Way Down To Stop Now The Park BrakeLight Stays In

Vehicle has Multi-Function Stalk recently replaced; which involved he removal of dash panels. Was thinking perhaps they did something to/forgot to re-connect vac lines. Any help appreciated.

Can't tell exactly where it is leaking

diagrams of fuel recirculation

fine but then got home now will not shift at all like stuck in nuetral