I did a scan for my check engine light and it says cylinder 3 is misfiring

I start the engine, doors lock, but while I'm driving down the road the door locks click like they're trying to lock aagain.Also, when I shut off my vehicle the radio automatically shuts off instead of playing for 20 minutes or a door is opened. I'm trying to think of what might be wrong.

Can anybody help with brake line routing to help me find & repair a leak? Seems that leak is somewhere around the front frame crossmember - Thanks

Old brg housing frozen - how do you get it out?

She dosent turn all the way

is stuck in all wheel drive and I need to replace it. What is the name of the part.

relay and same result, I need advice.thanks

The van was electrically dead after driving it a half hour before. When we tried to jump it, it almost caused my buddy's truck to die and over heated the jumper cables. Took out the old battery and when installing the new one it arced and caught the side post on fire. What would cause this kind of short?

Doors do not lock when the engine is off but lock normally when engine on and transmission put in in drive. When trans back in park, doors remain locked. It unlocks when engine switched off. Off function of locks is corect and work fine any time.

Error Code P0102
Problem occurs only at highway speeds.
Previously got Check Engine Light on with code P0101 that was resolved last month by replacing MAF Sensor.
What more should I have done to avoid issue returning?

I have 112,000 on my van and want to know if I will create any problems if I switch to a synthetic oil.

New blower will stop completely as you drive (or even just sitting) and then may come back on or be working the next time the van is started. If the resistor should allow it to at least run on high,what else might it be?

My blower fan for the AC/Heater will work, and then it cuts out for a day or two, and then comes back on again. This has happened 3-4 times in the last couple weeks. Any idea's of what may cause this? I just had a new blower put in last March. Thank you!