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Turn the key and there is always lights, dome light, radio and heater...but there is absolutely no sound from the engine. Can go back several hours later and it might start. Have changed the distributor and coil. Wond...
clean sensor desconectand replug them still on i only 79,000 miles on it
i have looked and i cant figure out how to remove that clip on the brake pedle
Is this a common problem and if so, what can I do to fix it?
Iv'e tried to open it with a key it will not open any suggestions on the problem
what is the location of the ABS module on my 2001 GMC safari?
running high idle due to vaccum hose not atached
I have the panel removed, do I drill out what appears to be two rivets holding it or does it pull out somehow? When I look at a new Actuator it is not helping me.
I need to get to the back of the van's engine but can not figure out what to take apart to see the engine from under the dash. Can you give specific instructions?
My engine light is on, the scanner says camshaft to crank shaft incorrect or something along those lines i replaced cap rotor plugs wires but I noticed the rotor had a wobble to it and is making a noise like it is hit...
Dual Air. 2001 GMC Van Front A/C does not blow cold, rear blows cold. WHY