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Ok I have changed the cap , rotor, wires, plugs. checked fuel pressure 60psi at all times even when misfiring, have not been able to check the cat convertor where can i go next to check components and fix this i miss ...
I now have a fuel pressure test gauge but not sure where to fit it and a new fuel filter if si required
also when driving starts off ok but when accelerating bogs down . Have checked EGR , new plugs wires and rotor and cap what to do next
After rain the van will not start unless I place a hair blow dryer under the hood pointing towards the back
got tune-up ran for 2 days wont turnover starts 4 a few sec when i spray starter fluid in carb but dies
Engine Vibrates at idle in gear or out light irritating vibration not heavy like a vacuum leak 153000mi no codes water pump and fan clutch change replaced personally leaning towards slight vacuum leak
How do these both relate to each other? Can they both go out at the same time because of a common denominator? What could this common denominator> Does the steerinf assist contro solenoid have anything to do with this?
We turned a sharp corner and lost power steering and brakes. we are ver confused and need to know why. We have done some research and came up with the pump or maybe the hydraulic systen or the solenoid. Please help...
engine runs rougher when brakes applied also abs light on
is exhaust manifold leaks the same as motor mounts I did not see motor mounts on the list of possible repairs
Can the front driver side and passenger side doors be adjusted?
will a bad catalytic converter make a engine not start?