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I replaced brke calbers on both sides bleeded them but still it locks up and will not release. WHY ?
replacing the master cylynder and can not remove the resavoir how you do it ?
where is the blower motor located on this gmc safari
How do I get the hose off for the power steering, as fluid is leaking and I can't get in there; I have the van on a ramp to get to it underneath, but it's too tight. Thanks in advance for your help!
smell of gas in oil, putt-putting, burning too much gas, white smoke from exhaust
can the rear seal in the transmision be cnanged with out pulling transmisionm out ?
i have my window motor and when connected to a battery straight it goes up and down but when i cannect it to the plug it only goes up i have replace the switch what would be my next thing to do it is very hot and clam...
what kind of brake fluid do i need after brake change?