I am asking because I have to remove my transmission to replace my rear main seal for my oil.

it shifts fine after you do get it to go into gear

It is really a 1985, but your list didn't go back that far. It is hard to put into first gear, and it grinds going into reverse. It is a v6, but not sure which one.

Now it won't stay crunk either

Filled the gas tank and headed down the road, I got a lil warm so I turned on AC for first time this year. Immediately after flipping the switch, the truck died and oddly, now I don't have headlights either. I put gas into carburetor (?) and it started for maybe three seconds. Dash lights, door chime, brake lights come on, all fuses check good, battery is charged. It sounds like it might start but won't. Things I have done in the past month are new fuel pump, new starter, new fuel pump relay, new alternator, new plugs. I am at a loss. The book is no help to me. I am a single mom and have never been trained on auto mechanics, so I don't know all the terminology. Thanks for any help.

When i turn the key on the throttle body fills up

I charged the battery & checked all connections & it still wont even turn over

does this damn thing have a fuse relay were is it

fuel delivery is fine to this point

truck stalls when sitting a red light. have to pump the gas patal to get gas are to get the truck to run

will not start after it rains until it dries out

How do I change heater core ?