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It is really a 1985, but your list didn't go back that far. It is hard to put into first gear, and it grinds going into reverse. It is a v6, but not sure which one.
Filled the gas tank and headed down the road, I got a lil warm so I turned on AC for first time this year. Immediately after flipping the switch, the truck died and oddly, now I don't have headlights either. I put gas...
I charged the battery & checked all connections & it still wont even turn over
does this damn thing have a fuse relay were is it
fuel delivery is fine to this point
truck stalls when sitting a red light. have to pump the gas patal to get gas are to get the truck to run
will not start after it rains until it dries out
How do I change heater core ?
no code, want run ,starts and dies
I have a 1984 GMC S15 HIGHSIERRA 4x4 with extended cab. The Hydrolic clutch pedal has no freeplay and I am concerned about wearing out the clutch plate. Is there a way to adjust clutch pedal to allow free play in peda...
how do I change rearend oil
I have a 1988 GMC S15 in my shop and it will flood without cranking, only goes 30 mph, fouls spark plugs, and its hard to start hot or cold. We put brand new distributor caps, spark plugs, wires, rotor button, tried a...