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My car was knocking so i found a rocker arm loose on cylinder 6. The nut was tight to spec 18ft.lb, i tried tightening to 20ft.lb and did not change anything. I put a washer between rocker ball and rocker nut and ti...
When at a stoplight
The overhead console used to show the gas mileage & temp,etc, no longer displays anything. The garage door open funation still works and shows red when the appropriate button is pushed. I would appreciate any assis...
Took off again to see if was seated properly and it was.There is no cracks on intake or engine block,used proper gasket and sealent. What could it be?
Do you check the transmission fluid hot or cold?
I do not here fuel pump and throttle positioning valve makes noise and 15 pounds while trying to start
I thought it was the relay, I've never heard of both bulbs going at once. Ground is fine. The guy at the part store said bulbs, but they are fine? Thanks, DJ
I have changed MAF and O2 Sensor. Blew cigar smoke into booster hose into intake to area to detect leak. I changed intake and throttle gaskets. This happens noticeably when approaching a half tank or when driving for...
I replaced the blend door motor on my 98 jimmy and when I plug it it and watching it before I put it in place ,it cycles back and forth nonstop while the key is on, what is the problem/
I also flushed the heater core and both hose get hot so not clogged, but still blows cold air, can it be anything other than blend door motor, and what would be the fix for any of the issues that it might be, P.S. its...
Monkey wrenchs hammer sockets extensions screwdrivers alt. off compres brack is off I'm tiered want to get it off fix truck go home and sleep!!!!!
it will shift into 4wd hi when slowing down from hwy speeds to under 45 mph. I then have to pull over shift it into nuetral push 2wd switch and return to drive then its fine. its annoying and sucking major gas. help!!!!
Lights stay on , then when I put the turn signal on they all stay on but not flashing
Changed plugs . Very hard to start at times , when I get it started it idles well but when I get going it skips and bucks.