Replaced the master cylinder thinkin that was it and the brake light went off but the abs wont...abs control module maybe?

This works sometimes but at other times, I hit the biggest bump I can and it doesn't start blowing. The air is cold enough when it does blow. Doesn't always blow hard when it blows but much better than not working, at least in the front seat

ran fine went into a store and will not start now, I'm at a loss done this kind of work for 30 now after my stroke I lost a lot

I already check bulbs and are good I switch the brake light switch and turn signal switch and still doesn't work.

My 98 engine overheated and I tried to save it. I have a 2000 jimmy 4x4 engine that looks almost the same but will it fit in my 98?

My car was knocking so i found a rocker arm loose on cylinder 6. The nut was tight to spec 18ft.lb, i tried tightening to 20ft.lb and did not change anything. I put a washer between rocker ball and rocker nut and tighten to 18ft.lb and it worked, i could still move rocker arm from side to side slightly. Now it runs really rough and gives me code P0306. What should i check for. Thank You for ur time.

When at a stoplight

The overhead console used to show the gas mileage & temp,etc,
no longer displays anything.
The garage door open funation still works and shows red when the appropriate button is pushed.
I would appreciate any assistance.

Took off again to see if was seated properly and it was.There is no cracks on intake or engine block,used proper gasket and sealent. What could it be?

Do you check the transmission fluid hot or cold?

I do not here fuel pump and throttle positioning valve makes noise and 15 pounds while trying to start