Replaced the master cylinder thinkin that was it and the brake light went off but the abs wont...abs control module maybe?

4.3 engine

One day the truck starts fine next it doesn't. Battery and alternator have been checked it the security system.

my 1995 Kimmy starts at times it will idle bat give gas it stalls

When I step on the gas the air flow out of the ac vents are reduced to almost nothing and it comes out defroster vents top of dash

Anytime I drive, it does not seem to hold gas in the tank. It always seems I have to keep going to the gas station. I'm not sure if my fuel pump is causing the problem

When I turn the wheel to the left, I hear a knocking sound that seems to come from the front wheel.

I do not think its the brake pads. it does not sound like a grinding noise

Service engine soon light constant. Just tuned up, oil change, fuel pump replaced.
85000 miles. SLE 4wd

Everytime I push on the brakes my car revs up a little bit and then it almost killed it what is my problem?

My speedometer isnt workin either

I also hear a thumping noise when driving like a broken belt in one of the tires, but was told that it might be the wheel bearings.

gas flow ? will not start?

Vehicle will not start nor will it come out of park but it's like it is in neutral you can roll the vehicle back and forth

This works sometimes but at other times, I hit the biggest bump I can and it doesn't start blowing. The air is cold enough when it does blow. Doesn't always blow hard when it blows but much better than not working, at least in the front seat

My 1992 GMC JIMMY Vin letter Z will start fine and run beautifully fist thing in the morning but after driving it a little bit and outside temperature raises the vehicle starts to chug and then shuts off like it's out of gas. I noticed that during it doing this there is no fuel coming from injectors and if I let it sit a few hours it then will spray fuel out the injectors and start for a small period of time. I replaced the fuel filter, the fuel pump and fuel pump relay with no luck. I dont know what else it could be please help.

My trans is fairly new rebuild .It is slipping and the speedometer bounces up and down and some times dont work .I can manual shift in 1st and 2nd but no 3rd or overxrive .I was told it may be a vss .Vehicle speed sensor .If u can please give me ur opinion which will greatly appreaciated.Thanks Ken

and it still is misfiring what do i look for next

I change the spark plugs, the wires and ignition coil but still having problems I remove one hose from the intake and stop the problem once I plug in back the problems start

ran fine went into a store and will not start now, I'm at a loss done this kind of work for 30 now after my stroke I lost a lot

I already check bulbs and are good I switch the brake light switch and turn signal switch and still doesn't work.

need replacment

car stalls all the time , starts back up but stalls out as soon as i take foot off the gas

Just put speed sensors in transfer case, already . it went in for probs. W/ Jimmy not selecting w/ 4wd or2wd ID like
Then it would self cancel and after a while of clicking , would shut down and service 4wd would light up on dashboard

Just did full tune up . gas gauge hasn't worked for a year. Issue w/ bucking and nearly stalling,was mostly eliminated. But was the root cause , of my fuel pump exchange. Still no gauge . did coil.tps as well
Pimp pressure of old pump was holding near 50 psi. Borderline I thought..any volt readings I should know ? Maybe test at relay? Help.

Turn sigs, er flashers, park lites, back up lites, tail lites all work fine. No brake warning lite on. HELP! My 17yr old uses & please help. Thanks so much!
Sonny Wolf