When I step on the gas the air flow out of the ac vents are reduced to almost nothing and it comes out defroster vents top of dash

Everytime I push on the brakes my car revs up a little bit and then it almost killed it what is my problem?

gas flow ? will not start?

need replacment

Replaced the cruise control, hazard switch. Replaced brake senser on brake pedal. Three times. Worked for a little while. Now I have no horn, no brke lights, no dome lights. And again no curise control. I can tell when my brk lights aren't working when cruise control does not.

i recently changed the fuel filter in my 1997 gmc jimmy and now the fuel leaks out of the quick connect fitting immensely.is there
supposed to be o-rings inside the fitting?what would cause this to happen

Changed fuel filter, fuel pump, camshaft position sensor,spark plugs, wires, distributer cap, new battery. I have fuel in tank, spark but still won't start and my door locks continuously click on and off. Please help me someone.

When i turn the knob to the off position on the A/C it wilnot stop blowing no matter what

I know that it's possibly a fan or radiator but before I panic just wondering if low coolant can cause overheating while idling. Sorry if it seems silly question, just have very general knowledge of cars here