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Tail lights don't come on when headlamps on, I've checked fuses, changed all bulbs, checked relay switch. All lights work headlights, blinkers, hazards, turn signals and reverse but tail lights won't light up when headlights on. been told it's the ground wire not sure where or how to fix my self or what it might cost at a shop.

Starts up fine and when I get up to 40 miles an hour then the jimmy dies out. Then I have to wait for about 10 to 15 min to start the jimmy back up. Then it is slow starting to go down the road with out it stalling out again. The longer I let it sit the better it will run after it has died out. do you know what the problem is with this.

When I step on the gas the air flow out of the ac vents are reduced to almost nothing and it comes out defroster vents top of dash

Everytime I push on the brakes my car revs up a little bit and then it almost killed it what is my problem?

gas flow ? will not start?

need replacment

Replaced the cruise control, hazard switch. Replaced brake senser on brake pedal. Three times. Worked for a little while. Now I have no horn, no brke lights, no dome lights. And again no curise control. I can tell when my brk lights aren't working when cruise control does not.

i recently changed the fuel filter in my 1997 gmc jimmy and now the fuel leaks out of the quick connect fitting there
supposed to be o-rings inside the fitting?what would cause this to happen

Changed fuel filter, fuel pump, camshaft position sensor,spark plugs, wires, distributer cap, new battery. I have fuel in tank, spark but still won't start and my door locks continuously click on and off. Please help me someone.

When i turn the knob to the off position on the A/C it wilnot stop blowing no matter what