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I've replaced cap and sprayed lab on cap+wires+plugs and problem still there. Truck is in shop now and there telling me it's my timing chain and gas is going into the oil. They said to fix problem it will cost $1900.....
When it is running, it idles rough. Any suggestions?
I have a new battery,and alternator is not more than four years old.Runs fine in day light.
especially if i start it in the am, itll misfire anywhere above 1500 rpm sounds kind of like its slurping air and very sloppy, i checked vacuum for leaks and its sealed properly, and i have been forced to drive the ve...
It will only blow on low.
i have a trailer brake module on this it seems to be hissing by this module, brake pedal goes down slow, then after hissing stops, brakes work fine.
bulbs replaced light still does not come on
the gear lever seems broken...replaced that on the steering column, but it still won't get out of park.