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First, I want to go ahead and thank anyone who takes the time to try to answer my question. Second, the latest model provided in the drop box was for a 1990 model, that is what I selected because it was the oldest. My...
Wen warming up the truck, every time, morning, afternoon and night, the idle goes up and down for about 5 minute or till warm up. It doesn't have trouble starting and runs great after warm up. No codes or check engine...
so I bought a new battery for it and when I turn the ignition switch to turn the vehicle on it doesn't want to start the battery voltage is good a little pressure is good but the vehicle itself will not turn over
How do I take a part the rear axles just to replace the seals? By dismantling the wheel, or through the differential? With some detail please. Thanks in advance!
After jumped & vehicle runs for about 15 minutes & is charging at 13.5 volts, it will start the rest of the day but when vehicle sits all night, have to jump start again. Help!
does have a timing belt or chain
It is actually a 1987. Does not want to start on first try. Cranks over, i was told something about a starter clutch, didnt realize that they are on cars too. Obviously gas and power is good, anyone got any ideas. ...
The tailgate window only goes down part way on one side and seems to bind up. I took off the cover & found some rusted metal pieces/arms? in there. what are they called so I can order the correct parts?
thanks for the responce oakman...i went thru the panel originally, but with the window up, the motor mechanism is in the way of the two screws on the cylinder. the does tailgate come apart somehow or do i have to tak...
how do i access the key cylinder on the rear power window? the power window works from the interior switch but not from the outside key. i cant access it in order to check the connection.
my 1988 gmc jimmy backfires through the throttle body and looses pressure when driving , and cuts off. can anyone help me?