Started to work both lights came on

i have cleaned the throttle box in the past, my mechanic said i should replace? would this correct the problem??

I replaced gas cap wit a new one. Also, the gas cap indicator will go off and the check engine light comes on. Eventually, one or the other indicator lights will come back on. Sometimes, I go days without any indicator lights on.
Any help?

Replaced the sensor and still won't shift out of second gear. Fluid looks great no Burt smell or anything any other suggestions on what to try?

just the curved pipe from the muffler to tip. what should this cost to replace?

heater and ac both the same

The compressor for the air ride suspension would not inflate the bags in today’s extreme cold. When it sits in cold weather the back end sags but normally rises when you start the engine. Today the compressor came on but did not lift the back end at all. The ride to work was extremely bumpy and dangerous. Tired of the saggy rear end every time the temperature is below 20 degrees.

My right blinker works sporadically and the bulbs and fuses are ok. What could be up?

More often than not, when I use my Right blinker, it will click like I turned it on, but it is either completely solid (no blinking) or it is not on at all. Other occasions, it works normally without incident. What can I do to determine what needs to be repaired? The left blinker works without incident, always. The hazards only work when the right blinker is working. Otherwise, only the Left hazards work. I have children in this vehicle, and I need to resolve this quickly.

Its like there's no ignition

I had the alternator replaced, and is doing the same, i hear a whine in the radio when i have it turned on. the alternator is a rebuilt. The mechanic told me it could be burning out alternator's.

cant get the old one off