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I had a leak in my transmission that was fixed. After about 2 weeks, one day after work I noticed that it was taking a while to accelerate a day the rpm went up to past 3k. I also noticed that it did that when I accel...
then it makes a jerking sound and the lights on the four wheel drive will jumps back and forth
My truck started to overheat, someone told me I needed antifreeze so after adding antifreeze it started to leak from underneath on driver side of vehicle. Why is that? Will it affect me driving?
My battery was recently changed. Never had problem with air. Now My air conditioning blows cool air in back on feet and defroster but not face. I tried taking battery off to reset. Can you please help me not sure what...
the ac is blowing hot air it seem like the compressor is not turning on
Check engine light allways on, seems to run just fine, anybody else having this problem, or had ?
Every time I replace the fuse, when I start my car you hear a loud snap.
It has done this for a while, but up to this year all I had to do was shut the engin off . I would hear a hiss of air then it would change.
Car runs great. What can cause a P0300 code and how can it be repaired.
Thermostat has been changed,radiator has been flushed,censor is brand new hose is new idk what else to check or do help
It happened all of the sudden. All gears are unresponsive in 2wd, 4wd and allwd. Thanks
My envoy still getting hot after replacing thermostat water pump hoses y is it still getting hot
when you are sitting still it blows out cold as soon as you get to going down the road it starts blowing warm air what would cause this the air up front blows out really cold i checked and made sure the switch was mov...
There was a shop that told me on my vehicle I had to get someone to flash it because a new fan would not spin or turn until it was flashed and programmed for my vehicle
It happens every time driven, it may go a few miles or 20 miles. Has happened 4 to5 times in 10 miles. All engine lights for codes come on and one large light shaped like an engine. Had a diagnostic computer hooked to...
the clicking sounds are like plastic tabs running around a bicycle wheel, put trans in gear and it wont move, it cant be driveshaft or axles or rear end because its not turning,, Im thinking its a problem with the fle...
I am trying to replace a window regulator in the tail gate- the window is down but the tail gate will not open.