My oil levels are fine and there are there is no check engine light coming on.

Tires are good,pressure good.Vibration can be felt in steering wheel.

I gave someone a jump start and right before I did my a/c was working perfectly fine. Until afterwards all the power inside my car and a/c stopped working. I fixed the power inside but the only problem now is my a/c is only blowing hot air out of the front side vents.

My car all of a sudden started to shut off while driving then won't crank back up for 30-60 minutes. Lots of codes will come up after it does this. I've read so many different things from throttle body , fuse box, ignition switch ect . I'm a single mom and trying to go to college and now this happens :( I need guidance or help with anyone who may have some PLEASE !!

At times my car will start and run great. But sometimes it wont start acts like battery is dead, if i keep key turned over it eventually will start at least most of the time. Others i have to sit and wait few minutes then it will turn over.

Found none at company. Checked air bags, they were leaking. Put new airbags on. He had trouble getting right ones but finally did? 26 miles later we can't keep airbags air up. So far it has cost $500. What now. Help

There are 4 round air vents on the dash that blow air on the driver and passenger. I installed a new battery and now they don't work. All the other positions on the switch work but it seams that some actuator inside is not functioning to open the vents. What happened and what needs to be done to repair this function.

trying to replace starter but can get old starter out

Gmc envoy 2006
Light , Windows, locks , and radio not working but it's drives great.

I started the truck turned it off now it won't start. It sounds like it's kind of cranking over but will not start not sure of the engine size. What could the problem be?

I do have a overhead DVD player. How can I troubleshoot? Are there known problems.