I have an orange 4 wheel drive inop light on the dash... If I turn on the fan/air/ heat blower switch in any position except off, I get the antiskid and brake lights on??

After the parts are tested and ran a full diagnostics on, the mechanic clears the codes and after driving 95 miles the check engine comes back on and I go back to get the codes and it throws the same codes. I'm not able to pass the emissions test to drive my car. What can I do to resolve this issue.

im trying to figer out what is rong some tell me a bad grownd
ive checked all fues and all is good but doint understant why the tail lighs dome lights air and windo and the radio wouint worke they just stoped working going down the road if any on can
thanks and sorry about the spelling

On the highway, it almost topped out in the red, so, I lowered my speed limit to 45, turned the heater on high, it started dropping to about 4 notches below red, got home and parked it. Thanks

Somebody said it was the transfer case I replaced it but it still making that sound and it's coming from the front of the truck more like a loose metal sound.

radiator top anything else

it started with me noticing the air was not very cool so i bought a recharge kit and rechargded it and noticed my compressor was not cycling so i replaced the switch and had no effect on cycling. is there something else i can check

The blower is erratic and sometimes doesn't shut off I think its the blowerrelay. Any ideas

trying to get a picture of this motor were the oil pump is and how to take it off

Ok when my ac is on my check engine light flashes and it don't want to accelerate and jerks and I had auto zone check it for me it said number 2 cylinder but why does it only do it when my ac is on and is it ok to drive please help thank u