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The ac fan also stopped working and a voltage check shows under 4 volts are charge plugs cannot even scope it
the ac is blowing hot air it seem like the compressor is not turning on
It has done this for a while, but up to this year all I had to do was shut the engin off . I would hear a hiss of air then it would change.
It happened all of the sudden. All gears are unresponsive in 2wd, 4wd and allwd. Thanks
I am trying to replace a window regulator in the tail gate- the window is down but the tail gate will not open.
It says rear wiper misalignment... wiper is in home position. Any ideas
I recently had the fuel pressure regulator replaced and now the fuel gauge is erratic. The red indicator on the gauge is always over beyond to the right and sometimes drops down way past the final indicator. The vehi...
I have been told by several different professionals that this is a recurring problem. This seems to be something they have to repair quite often on these vehicles this is a very expensive repair and should be paid by ...