My GMC 2004 envoy only blows out heat out of the front right ventsvents.Its blowing out cold air out of the front left vents and the back seatseat.What's wrong with my heat. It not running hot. My floor is not wet.mechanic said heater core .

When I turn on security system my light doesn't blink anymore is there a fuse for this

friends car started with a ticking/knocking sound, smells a little like burnt oil but has oil in it. also will shake een idling. Almost sounds like sucking air sound too. And yes we are both women....

The issue is inconsistent. What are fixes and what is possible damage to my engine/vehicle? If this is a common problem why is there not a GMC recall?

Will the other 3 bolts hold that cause the one bolt snapped flush so there's no way of getting it out I doubt. And I didn't realize it was gonna b so easy to break and now I'm concerned if I just put it back together the other 3 bolts might not seal and hold the pressure when I'm driving. Has this happened to anyone b4 and can u help with suggestions?

Is it an evaporated emission system need more details. It started with check fuel cap and than this happen . Can some one let me know more details on this

Purchases vehicle used and previous owner snapped the antenna off. Now radio is all static. Can't get the mast off because it's bolted down in such a way that I can't figure out how to remove it.

The CD will not eject.

Turn switch to lower speed abs and brake light come on.can you help

Engine cuts off only if I turn on my a/c. Voltage gauge on dashboard fluctuates. A/C does blow out cold air. When air is not on voltage gauge stays at 14 like always. I can run radio, heat, etc. and everything is fine. Battery is brand new, just a few months old.

I was at a gas station and my truck died with no prior warning. Had tried to jump it off with no results. Had it towed and new battery put in. $124 batterty. Now It wants to stalll out at light with air on and lunges just before it comes to a cimplete stop. Help!?!

I changed my water pump 4 days ago and my girlfriend drove about 400 miles yesterday now the blower motor won't shut off even when the keys are out of ignition and when idling if A\C is on it acts like it going to die bogs down real bad

slight noise going around a curve