I have looked online and haven't found anything to help me. I have tried putting a screwdriver in and pulling, I have tried sliding it out. Nothing. I can't stand driving without my mirror.

it seam like half of the fuse box is n ot working im not get power to fuses

It only leaks when it's raining real hard the fabric never gets wet an it also leaks from the speaker box where the garage an sun roof button is! Battery also goes dead randomly when nothing is left on

Can use the manual release button to shift out of park but pressing the brake doesn't release the shifter.

Air bag suspension going bad. What would it cost?

i replaced the heat/air acurator and climate control after heater/air was blowing only at my feet. Now that i have replaced these, it's blowing hot air on the driver side and cold air on the passenger side. What's the problem?

Sluggish in drive shift down into 3rd n g goes but won't shift


When I go to flip the seat over, the latch doesn't work

Was driving and gas petal stopped working you could hear it being pushed but wouldn't go

The sound was coming out of the speakers fine yesterday and have never had any problems. When I turned my vehicle back on a couple of hours later the radio display was fine and the volume was normal but no sound was coming out. I checked again today and still no sound coming out but the radio appears to be working fine. Thoughts or advice?