My car failed nys emissions inspection(MIL command and KOER). they said i need to replace injectors. New replacements are expensive. Can they be serviced? i have almost 127,000 miles. My engine light trouble code was p2099

My battery is not located under the hood. How do I get to it?

My car is making clunking sounds when I'm driving. Sounds are in the front end. I've been told it could be sway bars.

Sometimes when I'm driving the RPM's will jump and it will cause my car to jerk.

have tried adding fuel injector when getting gas, not big improve, past couple months buying the highest octane fuel too

I have cobalt not on your list

Fan and other systems work

Check engine light was on. Mechanic replaced 6 spark plugs, ignition coil, gasket. Check engine light came back on next day. For the following 2 days, lift went off in the early morning and came back on in the late morning. Error code po306. Mechanic is now telling me that replacing the bad coil in cylinder 4 may have caused the coil in 6 to fail. I am wondering if the initial repairs just didn't fix the problem in the first place. Not sure what the initial error code was.

Is it safe to drive until repaired?

The check engine light comes on for a day or so then goes off. They gave me that code when hooked to the machine at an auto parts store.

I am leaving in Bahrain and I am an owner of GMC Acadia (model 2010) since April 2011. I bought it new with 0 mileage. Current mileage is 37 200 km. First replacement of forward brake pads was carried out on 20 000 km due to wear. Second replacement of the brake pads (forward and rear) was carried out on 28 000 km also due to wear and last time the pads were replaced on 37 000 km for the same reason. The car is maintained by official dealer (Bahrain National Motor Company) and the main reason the dealer insist on, is my driving style. This is not true and looks ridiculous. I am the owner of two other cars Audi and Honda and never had such problem. Usually I am replacing the brake pads on these cars approximately on 45 000km. I suspect defect of braking system or using not original parts. As a part of investigation I already checked wheels for free rotation, to identify if the brakes are jammed or not. All found satisfactory. No any burning smell, no any vibration of the steering wheel was noted. Kindly advise if there are any other steps can be done to be sure in serviceability of the braking system.