My car failed nys emissions inspection(MIL command and KOER). they said i need to replace injectors. New replacements are expensive. Can they be serviced? i have almost 127,000 miles. My engine light trouble code was p2099

Wiring harness

Wiring harness needed

I never know what to tell the people at kwik car.

The locks are randomly locking and unlocking while I am driving. Is this just a glitch?

Why does my steering wheel not stay straight when I'm driving? I constantly have to hold it tight or it goes to the right easily.

My battery is not located under the hood. How do I get to it?

My car is making clunking sounds when I'm driving. Sounds are in the front end. I've been told it could be sway bars.

Sometimes when I'm driving the RPM's will jump and it will cause my car to jerk.

The original shield has broken off in the top front corner.

There is a smell coming from the inside of the vehicle. It burns your nose to the point that you can't really breath. It is a smell that I have never smelt before. It is not a strong odor other than the burning sensation that you get in your nose. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Why do transmissions sputter and vibrate between gears? How to tell if your gears are slipping? Do I need to replace my transmission?

The wipers in Fluid would work sporadically but now nothing at all I have already checked the fuses

have tried adding fuel injector when getting gas, not big improve, past couple months buying the highest octane fuel too

My 2007 GMC ACADIA just recently started shaking n my service message says traction off, reduce engine power, stabilitrack, and I think it has something to do with my power steering. Is it still safe to drive?

I have cobalt not on your list

Fan and other systems work

Wiper unit broke off car

A tech replace a light bulb that I bought this morning. He didnt remove the tire but unscrew some bolts from wheel cover and sticked his hand to replace the bulb. But this afternoon, my dashboard cluster is not working. All gauges dont move and the lights keep dimming even after the car is tuned off. Moreover all my interior lights were one but mechanic found out my liftgate was not closed properly! Ooops Is this problem related to the light bulb change? Or not? Also i dont know the location of my battery! Thanks