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About 10 minutes after I turn off the car my AC control lights come on abd the AC fan turns on in the dash. This eventually drain my battery down. Also my rear AC fan has quit working about the same time this has star...
I'm a single female, with no brothers, father not around, have no one to ask but the mechanic I've been trusting for years...but grinding when turning left and a timing chain, didn't sound right, especially he said ok...
I was on the riad all day running errands and at my last stop, when I attempted to my truck it was hard to start kike as if it wasn't getting any fuel and the battery was like it was low. Then when it started it ran s...
Engine sputter on first starting up
Miss or shudder at 2000 rpms in any gear
Our seat won't move anymore. GMC thinks motor is shot, but whole seat track and motor must be replaced for $900. That seems crazy. Can I get a used motor and track?
50K oil change - needs struts bad; Didn't do it. 54K oil change - same dealer, needs steer rack replaced, asked about struts - struts are in good shape. I know 50K is the number to start looking at struts. Thin...
I understand it may be more then one.
Car would move about 20 mph and finally won't start. First problem like this.
when i start my car there is a vibration or noise coming from my engine
if i start may car their is a noise or vibration coming from the engine, can i use my car if the timing chain play has a problem
vibrayion/noise coming from engine