2008 GMC Acadia Questions

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A tech replace a light bulb that I bought this morning. He didnt remove the tire but unscrew some bolts from wheel cover and sticked his hand to replace the bulb. But this afternoon, my dashboard cluster is not working. All gauges dont move and the lights keep dimming even after the car is tuned off. Moreover all my interior lights were one but mechanic found out my liftgate was not closed properly! Ooops Is this problem related to the light bulb change? Or not? Also i dont know the location of my battery! Thanks

Mechanic saying the line running into radiator is blocked from when Trans went bad originally. Mechanic saying I need to pay more for new add-on Trans cooler because my "transmission too hot, idle engine" message is on and that is the way to fix this problem. Shouldn't that have been checked after Trans went originally and part of the original repair? And is the my only option now?

AC has been previously repaired for other reasons. What can cause a condenser to fail?

The sound on the radio and blinkers has gone. Radio screen and blinkers work. Fuse for BCM is OK.

is it a wheel baring of tire rod

when driving, if I hit a bump it throws my car off balance almost if it could hydroplane

Was stuttering on purchase, dealer said let the warranty company fix it , whole drive train is covered. Dealer says they are not getting any computer codes buy says the warranty company wants me to pay 1500 to break down the motor. Definately got in touch with the dealer. Dealer says they were told it waa covered inderunder warranty as they were told. Hatd to believe a computerized car spit out no codes for this problem. Dealer thinks its the torque converter..but they arent sure.I think the warranty company is trying to get out of payingz

About 10 minutes after I turn off the car my AC control lights come on abd the AC fan turns on in the dash. This eventually drain my battery down. Also my rear AC fan has quit working about the same time this has started. I don't know if the two problems are related. Dealers just scratch their head and tell me to trade it in. It does not happen every day. once every 4-5 days.

no codes when dealer checked

I'm a single female, with no brothers, father not around, have no one to ask but the mechanic I've been trusting for years...but grinding when turning left and a timing chain, didn't sound right, especially he said ok to drive until he got to me....been 3 weeks...also stabiltrack & traction light came on about same time

I was on the riad all day running errands and at my last stop, when I attempted to my truck it was hard to start kike as if it wasn't getting any fuel and the battery was like it was low. Then when it started it ran so bad and it sputtered and putted and it wouldn't go no faster then 25 mph. And now its still hard to start and running real bad, oh but if you let it still and rev the it hesitates but it revs up.