Purge valve was replaced after breakdown at gas station. Vehicle had been flooding out after last 4 fill ups and finally would not crank at all. When it finally cranked after a couple of hours, running very rough. A vacuum hose was out of sorts (which was put back in tact) along with new purge valve. Since then it has been idling very rough.

When tank is filled with gas engine will not crank right away. Vehicle temporarily floods out.


I have a 2007 gmc arcadia the timing chain was replaced by the dealership then my ac goes out so I had the Machanic that I use to replace it will now it whins he has replaced it 3 times now he also had me take it to the dealership to check the transmission they said it was the ac which when you turn the ac off the noise goes away. But how if it is do I fix this problem

after picking up the car from the tire store, i noticed that the car felt like it was more bumpy when driving down the road. I took it back to the tire store and they are telling me it is the Internal Travel Stop wearing out and the only way to fix this problem is to put on a new front end suspension. Does anyone have any experience with this problem or fix?

I'd like to change my own air filter. I hear that it is difficult to get to. any advice?

Long cut in the front bumper and the right rear is duck taped now. Now much to replace both. Color black.

I have had it in the shop when it isnt working and they have said that it was the blower motor getting ready to go out. However, When I brought it in it was working and they said that they could not find anything wrong with it. Could it be something other than the blower motor? A short in the wiring some where? When it does work the fan speeds all are normal. It seems to not work when its cold out, and as it warms it up outside, or maybe hit a bump, turn a corner, etc.. It will come on instantly...

What is required to replace the front wiper motor?

2007 GMC Acadia,check engine light is on,code is p0366(camshaft timing out of spec)dealer suggests to get timing chains replaced.Does anyone know about how much that should cost ?The car is in great shape,we have had good luck with it.The car has 142,000 miles on it.

Can front shock absorber be repaired for Acadia 2007 or do they have to be totally replaced.

Thank You

need to remove concole to hide some wires

my front fan motor for heat/defrost/ac does not work,but the rear controls work. my question is where is the fan motor located so i can test voltage,and also like to check resistor, I did check the fuse and relay which seem to be fine. thanks , Shawn

I puchased my 2007 GMC Acadia as a second vehicle from a local dealer in October 2010.
When I first test drove it, it made a crazy whinning sound that the dealer said was due to low power steering fluid. They added that and the vehicle seemed to run well and the noise had stopped.
I purchased the vehicle and promptly stored it in the garage. I didn't notice any leaks.
Around mid January I started to drive the vehicle around town and noticed that the engine seemed to take a long time to cool down. The gage didn't go past the midline, so I didn't give it further thought.
Around February, I did notice that coolant had started to spill out from under the vehicle, so I bought some as the reservior was at the lowest point.
It leaked out and again the reservior was at the lowest point. I stopped driving the vehicle until I could take it to a repair shop.
My husband has Alzheimers and as you will see,,I know very little about vehicles....although I'm getting a very fast expensive education.
Today, my wonderful and trustworthy mechanic found that I had put in the wrong Coolant,,,I put in the green one,,,should have been the orange one.
He's doing a radiator flush and putting in the correct coolant.
However, he says that the water pump is leaking and needs to be replaced.

Checking a second storage spot,,I do see that there are water marks as well as spilled coolant.

This is my question,,,are the two repairs unrelated or was the leaking water pump causing the coolant to be used up quickly?

How long should a water pump last before it needs replacing? My vehicle has 67,000 miles which are mostly highway as it was purchased locally in West Texas.

Thank you for reading this post and any help or comments.

Yes,,,,in the future I am taking my mechanic to test drive any vehicles I'm considering purchasing and also,,buying all my supplies at his shop. Yipes!!!

Last week I hit a deer in my 2007 Acadia it had to have the bumper and grill assembly replaced. I have since got it back from the repair shop and now the front end bounces as you drive down the road, at any speed. Repair shop tells insurance co. that the struts need replaced and that there is no way this could happen from an accident. It has 70k on it and has never had this issue until th deer accident could this be the struts or something else ?