Why do transmissions sputter and vibrate between gears? How to tell if your gears are slipping? Do I need to replace my transmission?

My 2007 GMC ACADIA just recently started shaking n my service message says traction off, reduce engine power, stabilitrack, and I think it has something to do with my power steering. Is it still safe to drive?

Is there a recall?

At this point the vehicle will not go into gear. Will also do this while vehicle is in motion. Vehicle has already been to the dealer for the "Transmission PROGRAM" that GM is offering. They found no problems.

I was wondering how much will it costs me to get this fix because onstar gave me a code po333 and that's what they say it was

everything is good drives fine. just set this code

On a hot day on the highway the AC will freeze you out of the car if you want but when you reach the city it blows warm air

My 2007 Acadia Transmission failed at 48.5K miles last week. The shop asked for $3300 to replace a used one. The dealer asked for $5800 for an OEM one. I just felt being robbed. Never thought the transmission would die at this low mileage.

My car is lacking get up and go and when I am accelerating it can reach rpm of 3000 before it shifts into the next gear. I have read all about the transmission issues they are having with this year and model and I don't want to end up in an accident. I have searched for a list of ways I would know if it is going and can't find anything. I spoke with a mechanic in Denver about the issues and of course he says bring it in. My fear is he will see me with "I don't know wha to do" on my forehead and say it is going and bill me $4-$5k. Any help is appreciated...

Trying to check fluid as I have the whine described in earlier conversations. The manual says there should be a dipstick but there is not one there. Just wondering how much fluid should be in the reservoir.