I have a 2002 chevy tracker and was wondering if I could take the motor and transfer case and put in a 96 geo tracker?

Starter now just clicks. Battery is fully charged. Help! Thanks!

It is always "dashing" to the right

Shifts too often

when the key is turned on the headlights don't go on as they always did in the past

Found a tail light parking light relay,also found one headlight relay did locate a seperate relay for high beams

Power at the bulbs all three wires turn on lights the middle one goes to ground turn on high beams all wires hot again is it the switch ??

I was driving down the road and it lost power. I kept driving and it regained power only to loose it again. I pulled over turned it off and it wont restart. I thought it was the timing belt replaced it . That wasn't the problem It turns over but is getting no fire at all could it be the distributor? Or could it be the timing and maybe I don't have it timed right?

My 96 geo tracker has to be push started to get it started, it's not the starter, I've replaced the clutch cable. Don't know what else it could be. Would the #1 spark plug have anything to do with that

Is it possible to put the manual trans. in nutural and manually press the safety switch to start the engine to take to the shop? They told me the last time they adjusted the clutch cable that it needed to be replaced.

could the vacuum make this not work