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I live in Kings Mountain NC. I am trying to estimate the cost to repair a water pump in a 1993 Geo Tracker that is 4 cyclinder
Does leaving gas cap loose for little while have any effect on engine running? will service engine light come on and have i done harm by doing this>
I changed the fuel pump & fuel injector and still the same problem, starts only if I apply something in the inlet
This car purchased at city abandoned car auction, sat for 10 years, no battery until I put new one in. I fixed and runs good but no radio. LOC appeared. Buttons 2&3 got a four digit # 6914. Tried AM/FM and nothing. T...
I change the oil every 2-3 thousand and the air filter regularly. Thanks.
When replacing the head on the 1.6-8 valve engine --can I use the original bolts or do they have to be replaced?
Hi, I have a1993' geo tracker I need to remove the oil pan gasket , and put in a new one..
How many hours does it take to replace the clutch assembly?
Where is the fuel pump located in a 1993 Geo Tracker?