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It all started one day after I got home from work and cut it off! The next day it wouldn't crank! I changed spark plugs and gas fuse under da Shower!
It's not throwing any codes other than the 12 code I pushed out left it sitting for a few days came back it started I drove it into the shop and it died but now it won't even try to start it like there's no spark timi...
had short in drivers tail light now tracker won't run, changed bulb light works but it won't start. changed distributor cap, rotor, and wires go To start and it sounds like it wants To but won't, like it's missing som...
How to know if it is really engaged and if not how to fix.
Replaced head gasket, flushed oil and water system. Checked daily everything ok. 5 days later oil level rose with water again .
my check enger light is on. how do I fix it.????
My Check Enger Light Just Came On. Y is that
sounds like valves are too noisy rungs good
Would like to know estimated cost to replace clutch
any special tools needed
how to gain access into gear box?
Why does my 1990 Tracker (4 cylinder) only accelerate to 15 mph upon startup and resume normal functions after driving it 15-20 minutes?
i replaced my lower hose to my jeep it was tore but after replacing the hse and making sure not to touch anything else ....the car wont start unless i push jump it...please tell i didnt mess my geo up, it was fine til...