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The car turns over and runs great as long as I feed it starter fluid. I can hear the fuel pump priming so I disconnected the fuel line from the fuel rail and watched a good flow of fuel coming out while I was cranking...
I was driving down the road at 45 mph, and the driver side front wheel started making a Squall noise, and came to dead stop. Every time I attempted to take off it did the same thing. When I got it home and jacked it u...
Have looked and can not find which fuse it might be.
Where is the fuel relay fuse located at on a 90 Geo Prizm?
Have replaced fuel filter, fuel pump, distributor cap rotor, spark plugs and wires. The car has spark and fire but will not stay running. Do you have any suggestions please!
faster than car when taking off but once you get going there is power but also a noise when you step on accelerator. When you have to come to a stop again it dies and doesn't want to start again. Have replaced fuel fi...
Sounds like metal clanging together but when driving around the noise goes away.
High mileage,leaks a quart daily, otherwise runs very well
It's 10 degrees here didn't know if that changes anything. Haven't locked the wheel. If there's a way to start it and drive with the key and the wheel locking that could help to
work great no slips just all of a sudden from a stop sign
My bf took the spark plug out and did w.e to test it and said it had no spark. For awhile if it would rain I would have to spray the injectors and the distributor cap and area around it with brake fluid and wd40 to dr...
the cable snapped the other day when I pulled the lever to try to pop my trunk. How can I repair this?
A mechanic told us that that's the reason he thinks it dies on acceleration. Thank you.
pulled the sparkplug wires and the number one wire was literally drowning in oil(one closest to oil fill cap) the other three were dry and seemed fine dont know if this was from an internal problem or spill from the o...
what do i need to replace