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acode po705 came up my friend changed the transmission filter,fluid,screenand the oil oil filter
i put the car in drive and restart. this doesn't happen all the time. I would like to find out what the problem is so that i an get my car repaired.
We got a check engine code. The above number came in. Need to find bad part and replace. Help.
my battery and alternator have been tested and are good but the battery wont stay chargered what could be the problem
we have changed the fuel pump,coil,all the sensors and timing belt has been changed. we are still sitting with a dead car?
It turned over once for a few seconds, but now wont start.
what needs to be done to replace or fix dashboard lights not working ?
We only want to know how much a clutch part cost for a 1997 Geo Metra.
Driver's side headlight is dim and doesnt change to highbeam so what do I do?
My Geo Metro LSI stops suddenly when im going from a high speed, then when going to stop, it dies. it sometimes has problems starting, other times it starts right away. It happens frequently. And I have no diagnostic ...