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After starting and key is returned to run position engine for 30 sec,and quits. It seems like there is a circuit in the run position missing.
no gas peddle acts like its running out of gas but idles....push on gas peddle and nothing
My head gasket blow and I got it fix but ever since it turns off at stops I got it idled high but that just made it race when I stop or I don't have to have my foot on the gas for it to drive so I got it idled back d...
acode po705 came up my friend changed the transmission filter,fluid,screenand the oil oil filter
Headlights left on all night. Load test on battery shows its fine. No power at all even when attempting to jump start.
especially dies at any stop if accessories like lights, wipers or heater is turned on. has new battery, alternator and a complete tune up. thanks carol
I've had the starter checked out & it's good, the car turns over but won't start & sometimes it will finally start & run for about 30-60 seconds & then cut off & it won't start back
i put the car in drive and restart. this doesn't happen all the time. I would like to find out what the problem is so that i an get my car repaired.
I replaced the spark plugs, put on a new fuel pump and it still will not hold an idle
if i let off the gas it will restart sometimes . other times i have to stop and wate .
I flipped the switch to high to blow out the heat and defrost the windows and it didnt com on. Checked the fuses, thibking its either a broken switch or a broken fan. Any suggestions on how to narrow this down or fix ...
We got a check engine code. The above number came in. Need to find bad part and replace. Help.
my battery and alternator have been tested and are good but the battery wont stay chargered what could be the problem
Just replaced my engine, but the bypass tube from the water pump cracked and needs to be replaced. Can't seem to find that part listed anywhere. Any ideas where I can find one... new or used?
No codes showing up. I can feel the clutch engaging. It shakes like a person first learning to drive a clutch. Giving it more gas just makes it shake more.
When I HOOK Freeon Guages Up To My Car Should The Car Be Running Or Not
I replaced hazard flasher, but the turn signals still do not work. Hazard flasher WILL work if I HOLD the button down, but the turn signals will NOT work under any condition. Fuses are good. HEEELLLP!
Had a battery replaced due to some failure to start events. After 2 weeks, now won't start, even with a battery cable jump start. But it WILL start, if you roll start car on a hill. Turn key to on, one click or no cli...
Worked before I parked it the day before, but when I started it today and tried to back out I couldn't but I sure can go forward. If anyone has has this happen or has a suggestion on what I should do please let me kno...
The shifter lock-out solenoid also does not release when brake pedal is depressed. Also the automatic transmission has to be manually shifted. I removed the solenoid from the circuit and the fuse still blows at the dr...
we have changed the fuel pump,coil,all the sensors and timing belt has been changed. we are still sitting with a dead car?
icant get gas to spray out the throttle body if you pour gas down it it will run till what you poured in is used up ive tried running a jumper wire and still nothing. Ijust cant get the injectors to open it just died ...
it dumps oil of course. put in a new seal, saw no reason or scratches or roughness. after 500 more miles it did it again. rebulder says he has never come across this problem. Any ideas why a carefully installed camsha...
si lleva el relay externo el alternador lo podre reparar yo???
I replaced spark plugs, alternator, battery, terminals, even the 50 watt power relay fuse. And just replaced a totaly burnt at the center engine rotor. But my car keeps on spuddering out and dieing if it doesn't have ...
It turned over once for a few seconds, but now wont start.