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no gas peddle acts like its running out of gas but ...is idles....push on gas peddle and nothing
especially dies at any stop if accessories like lights, wipers or heater is turned on. has new battery, alternator and a complete tune up. thanks carol
I flipped the switch to high to blow out the heat and defrost the windows and it didnt com on. Checked the fuses, thibking its either a broken switch or a broken fan. Any suggestions on how to narrow this down or fix ...
I replaced hazard flasher, but the turn signals still do not work. Hazard flasher WILL work if I HOLD the button down, but the turn signals will NOT work under any condition. Fuses are good. HEEELLLP!
icant get gas to spray out the throttle body if you pour gas down it it will run till what you poured in is used up ive tried running a jumper wire and still nothing. Ijust cant get the injectors to open it just died ...
the trans seems to have problems getting the shift into 2nd gear to be firm. it acts like it's slipping sometimes and others times it's shifts right in no slipping at all. It's worse when the engine / trans are cold.....
Do I have to completely take off the timing belt shroud and it looks like there is only one bolt to the wp housing under the shroud.
where is the oil fill for the manual trans
does my car have a forgiving motor. can the timming chain be repaired or is the motor gone.
after car ran warm i added water to radiator then andded oil the next day it started billowing smoke .to much oil maybe?
I intend rebuilding the engine in my 1991 Geo Metro I need the cylinder size and crankshaft journal size, for both main and rod bearings. This is necessary before buying any parts to rebuild and or possibly needing ...
rotors are worn bad and need to be changed do you have to take off the hub in front brakes on 91 geo metro hatchback
can exhaust manifold gaskets be repaired using gasket material and or high temperature silicone?