Cadillac Escalade Problem Report

Cadillac Escalade Erratic Fuel Gauge Operation

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It is common for the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank read the fuel level incorrectly. The sensor must be replaced to correct the condition. Our technicians recommend having the complete fuel pump module replaced on high mileage vehicles.

I have had this problem with my 2005 Cadillac Escalade as well. since about 70,000 mi. Of course it is not covered by warranty but should be a recall because of the potential safety issue if you run out of gas.-RA -
i have a 2002 escalade. I'm the first owner and my gas gauge goes crazy all the time,when its full it shows empty.when its empty its shows full..i'm thinking its might be the gauge? -
i to had this problem. easy fix just buy a new oem pump. they have been upgraded to fix this issue -
I use the fuel range button to keep track -
Fuel level sensor failure p0463 code -
02 escalade reads no gas when I know I just put gas -
Fuel level sensor doesn't stay on the correct level. Shows empty most of the time and once in a while jumps up to the correct level. -
Gauge states half tank when there is 3/4 tank, empty when there is 1/4 tank-I'm told it is a $600.00 repair.... No thanks -
the fuel gauge sensor is not reading the tank amount correctly. it is erratic when traveling. this vehicle is also sensitive to parking on an incline. the gas gauge will show no fuel! -
fuel gadge has gone haywire -
I'll park in my garage with gas then in the morning I'm almost in the "RED"!! WTH Did the Gas Fairy's come again?? Cadillac is not really clear on how much your reserve is?? But I've went 50 mile's in the red!! I do believe there is an issue I feel though. But with the Economy as it is.....If it ain't to broke I don't fix it!! I did just recently spend $1,078 for Front Brakes & Rotor's,Rear brake resurfacing and last but not least Lt. Shock was leaking so had all replaced. 2 months ago $500.00 for a new Radiator >:( My Truck (Mr.LucKy)does 100 mile daily commute. He is Awesome so he's deserving of Maintenance Repair's. All I've ever bought before is tires. So with 130,000 miles put on him in 4 year's,Yes he's deserving ;D -
My sensor is inaccurate. -
Keep making my truck stop. I continue to have to put gas in my car -
Fuel gauge stop working check engine light on possible trade -
when it is cold outside my gas gauge goes all the way around you cannot tell how much gas is in the car when the weather is nice it seems to work okay -
Fuel Gauge seems to stick. Incorrect readings -
replaced the fuel pump and sending unit -
fuel gauge had gone out, had to wait until fuel pump needed replacing to get it fixed or replaced -
My fuel gauge wasn't working and I almost ran out of gas on the interstate. I had to pay over $1,700 to reapir it, and GM wont cover any costs. -
Fuel gauge teeters from full to empty with the low fuel light warning often coming on, even after just filling tank. Have not had fixed due to often being told it is a pricey fix. A vehicle costing what Escalades cost should not have fuel gauge issues, ever. -
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The fuel pump may fail causing the engine to stall and not restart.
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