Front/Rear Differential Pinion Seal Leaks Are Common on Dodge Durango

Front and rear differential pinion seal leaks are common. A leaking pinion seal will require replacement.

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Average mileage: 142,019 (50,000–267,000)
Drive Trains affected: 2WD, 4WD
9 model years affected: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, more2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
31 people reported this problem
11 people shared problem details
2001 Dodge Durango- 4WD120,092
Rear seal was leaking a little then started doing so a lot where I was putting gear line in before I would go any where or at least checking it and only driving locally. I just changed it over the weekend. Now I have other problem like jerking while stepping on the gas and stalking when stopped for light. Also while in 2w it sounds like a chain rattling, when put in 4 h it quits. If anybody has any ideas. I would like to know so I can try and fix.
2001 Dodge Durango- 4WD156,000
Noticed gear fluid on the parking lot. Looked under the truck and traced oil leak to pinion seal. Still seeking solution.
2004 Dodge Durango- 4WD
100,000 miles on 2004 Durango it needs front diff. seal.
2001 Dodge Durango- 4WD140,000
Fluid just started leaking from rear differential from the front pinion seal. Replacing seal.
2002 Dodge Durango- 4WD107,105
seals leaked eventho I kepted up my maintance
Front axle seal and had to replace hub assembly twice both sides
1999 Dodge Durango- 4WD118,000
Pinion seal on rear diff is leaking. Still looking for a fix.
2002 Dodge Durango- 4WD50,000
rack boot started leeking
2000 Dodge Durango- 4WD
seals needed to be replaced with U Joint in rear, now front differential is making noise
2002 Dodge Durango- 4WD63,000
Rear Diff seal leaking - low milage - this is ridiculous!
1998 Dodge Durango267,000
front differential pinion seal wore badly
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