Ford E-350 Problem Report

Ford E-350 Front End May Make Rattle Noise Over Bumps, Handling Issues

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The front end may make a rattle noise over bumps. There may be handling issues, and play in the front wheels on inspection. If there is up and down movement on the front wheels while the lower control arms are being supported, inspect the upper and lower ball joints for excessive play. These are prone to failure from moisture entry and lack of lubrication. The ball joints should be replaced as needed.

hit crack in pavement, front end shakes, have to pul over & stop, 7 restart again, missing holes & craks, best we can/ -
sloppy steering,ford has forgot to tighten the front wheel bearings -
after replacing both upper, lower ball joints, and i get alignment done and a week later the alignment is gone. I do have lifetime alignment,and i'm tied of it all. Everytime i get alignment, i lose it in a week or so. oble Any suggestions how to get this problem ????? please. -
During New Tire & Rim Install and alignment. Techs would not align front end due to excessive movement in Ball Joints. Spwc says .024 Upper, .040 Lower max Recommended after market Joints that can be lubricated, cost $670. -
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