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tried new tires-load force balance 3 times truck only has 24,000 miles
the pulley has a rubber area between where the pulley is and where it hooks on to the crank, and the rubber came apart. The pulley would squeal when starting since middle of summer to now, around eight months. Could n...
Every time it rains
I unbuckle the cover but the line from the ac compressor is totally stopping me from removing the cover to replace the air filter. I can't believe I might have to go somewhere to have this done
what's the cause of broken camshaft of ford ranger 2.5L double cab 4x2 release in 2011. it happened to me in January 2014. my car still in the workshop.
Whenever I press central locking pad,during locking or closing doors,wiper-washers ejects some water during that moment of either closing or opening,yet the vehicle is very new.I have attempted to reprogram Body Contr...
Winter time or summer time a/c will always be on.
I have a XL Ranger. Need to raise the steering column, At 6'$', 235lbs.it's a real pain to to get in and out. Only need another 2 or so inches. Anyway to raise up the steering column.