what would cause the auto start to turn when the car is off and you go to lock the doors.

Car won't start can u help me please.

What would cause bad shaking in the front end at 30mph and no brakes

How do i check the fuel rail pressure ?

I have tried flushing out my heater core by flushing it out using the outlet hose.

Then I was going to try changing out the blend door using a kit and cutting through the heater box with a dremel tool. I was able to cut around the heater box only to notice that the blend door is working fine.

I have also checked the temperature and it heats up properly. What else should I check before I change my heater core.

1999 Taurus SE Sport 3.0l V6 DOHC single exhaust auto sedan... I just purchaced the car from its 2nd owner who claims to have no history of issues. In the first week the wipers come on (usually 1 pass) by themselves and the car has just shut off while driving (not stall but die) twice now. The vacuum line broke for the EGR valve and was driven approximately 30 miles before repaired. The check engine light came on about a day later but the battery was dead and had to be jumped the day I dought it. The only history on the car was it needed new tires an allignment along with the sunroof motor replaced. It is due for an oil change and normally the car runs and sounds great. I will be hooking up an OBD2 meter this week to check the engine light. Can anyone help shed some light on this problem?

My shop says Ford no longer makes this part, and cant find a check engine assembly anywhere. Where can I find one?Cant pass inspection without fixing! My car has only 80K miles!

I was on my way to work stopped at a red light something popped I smell exhaust fumes and was missing really bad what it can it be

Changed battery now battery light is on how do I clear it.

It only has 73k on it. I've changed plugs, fuel filter, air cleaner and cleaned MAF sensor. Codes it throws say retarded timing on bank one and two. Truck is meticulously maintained with mobile one 5w20. It started by fuel mileage decrease and lose of power. Changed above mentioned things. Ran great! Like new fuel mileage came back. 2 weeks later engine light is on and all the lunging and bucking. Even does it at constant driving speed.

Bought van used steering colum was tampered with no horn hard to shift. Was driving last night went to park had to reajust. Couldn't put it into reverse so had to put in nutral ...tried to put it into drive wouldn't go ...put it into Overdrive...can't put it into Park....therfore can't start it..

ive checked all fuses and changed the module out still nothing

This happened after 2 jump starts, after truck sitting,for about 48hrs.

Coming from rear view mirror but flashesethe whole time. What do I need to do?

The last time I drove the truck was a 52 mile trip and when I put it in park before I turned it off the rims shot up like I tapped the gas but I didn't and I shut it off. It started fine so I did my thing and cam back I started it to drive home and I was entering the freeway and around 45 mph when I was accelerating it went weak the strong then weak the strong, I drove it like 2 miles and it just wouldn't go any faster. I let it sit in my yard and it started just fine a week later but smoking a little but some fluid drips a little behind the headers, and when it sits more than 2 or 4 mins it's idle gets weak like it's bubbling the rpms. I want to fix it unless it's too expensive lol. And the tranny is like barely over filled but it has a leak as well as the engine.

King ranch with 80.000 miles
@ 50.000 miles replaced fuel pump, Heads rework with new hard bolts,and a 3in exhaust sys installed . No problems indicated until the no start?

Cuts out at 45 mph then struggles to get to speed and then back to normal changed fuel filter new plugs and wires and new coil pack

Replaced the starter. Went to try to start and won't start

What replacement tool

The cooling fan runs unless fan is unplugged or battery is disconnected.

after trying cable manually and soaking assembly; door will still not release/open.

my 04 sport-trac has will run fine and then all the sudden have a bad miss like running on 4 cylinders and then about a mile or so later run fine again .till one day at lunch it was sitting idling in the parking lot and started running bad again and is still running bad I replaced coil spark plugs intake gasket .I'm at a dead end .may have broke some plugs putting them in.Help

wipers quit working

all the 7Spark plugs are working, but No ! is not

When running at 30mph then let off gas the truck shakes and makes a loud rattle. I have an expedition that does same thing but not has bad.

When this happened, the car lost power as if it wasn't getting any gas and I had to stop and restart the car. Then the light turned off.

U turn it on and it's doesn't blow out air or heat
U can hear it trying to engage but doesn't run
Any solutions

on freeway drives good until you get off freeway stop sign stops running.

But it is blowing hot air while we drive.

Trying to take nut off the end of the strut. I clamped the end plate in a vise and turned the nut with a socket and the cylinder turns in the strut. I try to hold the cylinder with a pipe wrench but it won't grab. I was not sure I was doing it right so I stopped before I messed it up more. How do you get the nut off? The numbers on the strut are T407HFoMoCo USA,
BB53 18K001, 111031A and a very big DB