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A/C works fine, blower works on heater is on, but does not blow hot air.

Someone worked on this car, I found the problem in the headlight switch, but I'm not sure on how to remove the switch any help would be appreciated, thank you

Codes 7e6. 7ed 7e8

Climate control wont turn on

It does it all the time. Now it stalled out when it was raining the other night. Don't see no wires that r bare

I'm not sure how the switch is removed, then naturally how it's replaced,your help would be greatly appreciated, thank you .

I am not sure if I am posting in correct place. My husband has a 2003 Ford F-150 with a 4.6 L V8 that has many problems. 1. The Service Engine light comes on. 2. The engine starts missing. 3. The Temperature Gauge goes to hot. 4. Oil light comes on. 5. He put a tester on it and it reads that the #1 Cylinder Misfire Code comes up.
What he has repaired so far: 1. Replaced the PCM. 2. Replaced all plugs & all coils. 3. Checked all fuses.
It is still doing this. What is causing this problem?

It's a 93 ford e-250 base 4.9l straight 6 . I have looked everywhere for the air pump alt bracket , being that I broke mine trying to get the alt out. Any help here would be great . Thanks

05 ford focus ZXW 2.0L motor-automatic-T.Makes a very loud grinding/clunking noise only when the starter is turning over..when starting....


Is a older car and my mom passed away and I ended up with it and trying to save it.i don't know much about the car myself

Trying to program a remote fob. Everytime all doors are unlocked the radio fuse blows.

Checked fuses, replaced turn signal master switch

Replace cruise control switch. Need labor price only as I have the new switches.


My brakes have been check, have plenty of brake fluid

had alternator show was not charging correctly then cleared up. bearing noise. so after showing charge correctly took a drive to charge battery. then went to store pulled in to park. at park just died and can not start again. took negative battery off to clear any codes still will not start. n

when you go to start the car it wont turn over it only clicks once.

I changed the starter and starter solenoid on the firewall and it still won't start.


Engine light was off had oilchange light on

The lights time out normally when the ignition is turned off. This is in all 3 on positions of the switch and the off position. I did recently have the dash apart and could have missed a plug. Do they default to the auto position or is there a relay stuck or in a "normally closed" position? Anyone know specifically before i tear the dash apart again?

I saw video online of a guy replacing cruise control switch in 2005 Explorer Sport Trac and now can't find it. He pulled the whole steering wheel off with bag inside and did it easily in 10 minutes. Now I can't find it again. It has to be 2005...nothing else. '04 is different. Help please!

Ford Fusion 2013, have new part, coolant temp sensor. When removing bad sensor, clip fell thru, I thought thru motor area​ to ground. Can't find it anywhere. Is there some generic or compatible part can be used. Sensor had to be special order. HELP!

the fluid was being thrown around after landing on the belt, it's causing the alternator to 'short out' making me think the alternator was going out at first.

Trying to find out why the 1996 Ford Contour just stopped while I was driving it I still have power but it won't turn over

What recommended mileage? My Focus is a non-interference type.

drivers controls are not working nor each door controls work on any doors so windows can go down or up.

Was driving on the highway and my truck started losing power the just cut off so i pulled over amd it wouldnt crank had to get it towed back home. All it does now is cranks the cuts off and wint crank back up. Till i wait about 20 min. Please help

I just replaced the ignition control module and coil. I drove it to different locations for half a day and it ran fine and then it decided to not start again. I tried starting it again today, but it just continues to sound like it wants to start, but does not. Funds are low so I want to try and pinpoint the problem on my own instead of having to put out a ton of money to a mechanic. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Is it possible to loosen the clutch?