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I have a 2012 Ford escape and I just replace the latch Actulator for my liftgate and now on the dash of my car it is reading liftgate glass ajar but everything is locked and shut and that light is still on even when I turn the vehicle on and it just beeps at me saying liftgate glass ajar

I have changed the plugs, wires, coils, cam sensor, and the intake but it still miss fires only when warm what could it be?

Have 4 new oxy sensors plug wires plugs coil packs fuel filer. Lacks power runs a bit rough and should get better fuel milage (i think) mmechanic only replaced 3 oxy sensors and had 2 in wrong place. Fixed that so oxy sensor test finally complete

The truck has been gradually getting harder to start, it is now taking about 20-30 seconds of cranking to build oil pressure to start the engine. After that it bogs down on accelerating and can sometimes stall. It seems to be getting worse. I had the IPR valve replaced with the more fail proof version 20,000 miles ago.Could it be the HPOP, fuel injectors, or something else?

Where the mileage is on the dash a warning message came on saying "CAL"

Overdrive is not working at 60 mph in doing 3000rpms overdrive button light turns on off but will not shift into od reason it got low on fluid I've change the wiring inside and the input sensor inside trany, replaced converter, trany was rebuit 6months ago cant afford to rebuild it again is there some advise that might help me thank codes are shown

Will this motor swap work?

I put a used radio in and it still doesn't work.

It just started to misfire. Not sure where coils A and C are located.

Could the exhaust system ie the catalytic converter be blocked when alternator quit, making the fuel in the exhaust not get burned by the engines poor spark and the fuel rich gas got burned inside the converter. Car misses at 4 rpms and sounds louder now.

Dash lights work. battery seems fine.

how to change the mpg on the cluster on the dash

Car runs fine otherwise. Just started having the problem today when I accelerated to 4,000 rpm coming up the hill to my house.

It still did not work. Checked all fuses and relays and were good.What could the problem?

My 2006 Ford Fusion has a big jerk in it when I am accelerating it makes loud noise when backing up. I got a oil change today and replaced my air injection system really need help.

Motor has dropped dramicaly and transmission went in gear fine until

it shutters like a miss fire

Wen put in gear it jerks and shutdown

Already trial n error not the fuel pump or the spark plugs

Brake lights don't come on except the third upper brake light.

Car runs hot with no interior heat

I hear a clicking noise and cold air blows out when i turn the heat on.

When checking the transmission fluid it is below the scribe on the dip stick. Should I add any trans. fluid?

They were unable to program new fob. Had a locksmith open car. Alarm went off. They told us they were locked out of system and that we needed a new BMc module. Expensive. Is this normal or did they do something wrong

Hybrid electric engine is not functioning at low speed or when stationary

Sofa bed not working don't know where fuse is located any help would b appreciated

It starts fine. I have never had it fail to start. This has happened only twice. All routine maintenance is current.

the straps have rusted and gas tank is hanging 3" from the ground

Fuel relay in trunk or car next to enirsa switch

It might crank and runs good you might go out their and it turn over and hit but won't crank